33 Down. 561 To Go. Happy First Anniversary, EPTOM!

It’s been 18 months the since Every Point on the Map began to take shape, 15 months since we began planning our first trip, and as of today, it’s been exactly one year since our pilot run to Carney.

Today, we’re sharing a meaningful conversation with each other. Sitting together in the outdoor section of RJs Supper Club and Lounge, Rachel and reflect on various aspects of our first year.

To those of you who have begun to join us by reading or sharing our journeys, we are grateful.

And year two, we can’t wait to meet ya.

Kelly, Rachel…and now April, too.

RDC Editorial: Reflections on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Racism Exposé

The Red Dirt Chronicles is an Oklahoma cultural blog created specifically for the purpose of shedding light on the unique attributes of our state.  Most of our work contains perspectives which are neutral or positively framed; we tend to stay away from negatively slanted or harsh stories as there are plenty other outlets covering that type of content.

I’m writing this rare editorial because a series of events in our state over the last few weeks has led me to a point where I feel it’s important to use my voice.  Because we’re heavily into our legislative session, we first began dealing with national ridicule of several measures that seem to distract from our state’s $640 million dollar projected budget deficit.  And now, it appears that we are dealing with racism in at least one of our fraternities.

Continue reading RDC Editorial: Reflections on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Racism Exposé

EPTOM: Cimarron City, OK (Police Versus Golf Carts)

Susan Privett was “having a little visit with her mom,” standing by her mother’s graveside  when the phone rang. There, shattering the quiet cemetery setting, she received a message that her son and daughter-in-law had been in an accident.  While processing her immediate denial, she recounted the words echoing around her brain: “No.”

“No…because it was Christmastime, they were out shopping, no… this can’t be true.” Continue reading EPTOM: Cimarron City, OK (Police Versus Golf Carts)

Ten Big Truths for Every Committed Couple

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and marital researcher for almost 15 years, I’ve come to some big picture conclusions about relationships.  I call them “Big Truths” and penned them on Facebook for my friends and family.  I’ve decided to post them here as well, in case they might be of some support to you and your partner, or your future relationship.  All my best, Kelly Roberts, Editor ~ Red Dirt Chronicles

Big Truth #1:  No one ever really wins the “I did more than you” game. At best, it’s zero-sum…but not really. Because even in a stalemate, ill will can be generated. Continue reading Ten Big Truths for Every Committed Couple

EPTOM: Navina, OK (The Day Our Nose Hairs Melted)

We had just left a rather bizarre conversation with a policeman in Cashion and were headed back home when we spied the “Navina” sign.

The central Oklahoma town, if one can call it that, sets just off Seward Road, between May and Pennsylvania Avenues, basically in the middle of pastureland.  The elongated rectangle of road, measuring about three-quarters of a mile at the most, is home to only a few houses.

And one shiny grain elevator. Continue reading EPTOM: Navina, OK (The Day Our Nose Hairs Melted)

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