Why “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” Should Cruise on Over to Flatire Burgers

Tim DuVall, Chelsey Peaster and her baby boy enjoy the Flatire patio. About 1 minute after this photo, the baby charmed everyone out there with his giggles as he marveled over the soft drink spilled in his lap.Date Night for my husband and I meant a quick little drive over to Flatire Burgers in Edmond, OK.

Located next to the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) Library, it is frequented by one of the most diverse cross-sections in town.  Students of UCO and their accompanying Greek system, an aging population that live in the historical homes surrounding the area, parents of students, foot traffic from an apartment complex down the road and random bikers, cops and skaters…they’re all there and they all get along just fine.

People watching is just one of the activities readily available at Flatire…but there are others equally entertaining.

The art of serving dipped cones? Use lots of napkins and hope for the best.

Take, for example, watching the waitresses on the patio try to deliver chocolate dipped cones to their customers after  a meal.  Although it was a cooler evening than usual, a little breeze drifting through the open area meant the soft-serve didn’t stand a chance.  Neither did the waitresses hands.

By the time the cones got to those waiting to dive in, half of the ice cream was running down the napkins wrapped around the wafer and dripping down the wrists of the poor server.  She handed over the mess and walked back into the restaurant with her hands out in front of her – as if she’s just touched cooties.

Other entertainment includes the decor, the greasy-yet-pretty-decent food and…the smell of burnt marshmallows. This smell results from order after order of S’Mores being delivered to eager tables of customers waiting to put the graham, chocolate and burning sweet mass together.  This is followed by a vigorous shove into their mouths – gooiness abounding.

As we sat outside and ate our food, Rod Stewart screeched out “Hot Legs” over the speakers.  Just as he ended the song with his famous, “I love ya hon-NEEE” and the final guitar lick played, a baby sitting next to us spilled his mother’s soft drink.  The whole family stopped what they were doing because the cold drink gushed right into the lap of the six-month sized child.  They braced for the baby’s scream but it didn’t come.

There was a pause, then a roll of baby laughter.  Evidently that spill was just loads of baby fun.

Custome-made mailbox for the Flat Tire Grill

I don’t know the history of Flatire Burgers.  Their food is okay.  And if you stripped away the covered patio facade, the building would be an eye-sore.  But when you put it all together, it becomes an experience that leaves one thinking “I could do that again.”

And we have.  Our family has been going there for several years.

It’s comfortable.  It’s a “dive.”  And…I like it.

Regular Hot Dog, a Jalapeno Burger, two orders of fries and iced tea. Do not adjust your screens...we really did eat that food. {burp}

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