Cooking Through the Stockyards Centennial Cookbook – Kickoff!

Editor’s Note:  We’re SO glad to have Whitni and Jani kicking off our Stockyards City cookbook cook-through.  I think I gained two pounds just reading this post…and, I’m making one this weekend!  A big thanks to the Stockyards City team for allowing us to print the recipes on the RDC.  The cooks are allowed 5 passes throughout their work in case they run into a recipe that just doesn’t fit their palate.  Whitni, “the daughter,” is kicking off the series.  Next week, you’ll meet the “mom” part of the culinary duo…enjoy!

– Red Dirt Kelly


What can I say? I love to eat!

Its a good thing I learned how to cook in college so that I am still not surviving on Ramen Noodles. And for me, it is definitely a challenge to cook for just one person.  So through my posts I will give you pointers on how to make your meals in smaller portions, or to extend their life a bit further. Here we go…

Every Monday is girls night for my group of friends. We choose a cheesy reality show or a chick flick to watch (that we usually talk over),  and then pile into the living room with dinner around the TV. I chose to make the Banana Split Cake for our dessert this week. I got nothing but rave reviews. I did double the graham cracker crust and the pineapple and in exchange for the cherries I put strawberries. I will warn ya though, its enough food to feed a small army!

Banana Split Cake

by Patricia Parent

2 C Graham Cracker Crumbs (I used 4 C)

2 sticks butter (I used an extra since I made extra crust)

5  Bananas

1 can Pineapple, drained ( I used 2 cans of crushed)

1 (8oz) Pkg. Cream Cheese

2 C Powdered Sugar

1 Carton Whipped topping

To make the crust, mix together graham cracker crumbs and 1 stick of melted butter. Mash into a 9×13 dish. Refrigerate until chilled. Put sliced bananas on top of crust. Spoon 1 large can drained pineapple on top of the bananas. Mix together cream cheese, remaining butter and powdered sugar. Spoon over fruit. Add container of whipped topping over the top of the fruit. Sprinkle with nuts and maraschino cherries.  Chill and serve.

Check out the slide show I made so you can see the progressive steps come together. Great summer dish to take to a friend’s pool party!

Happy Cooking!




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  1. Hi, Whitney – I just made mine! It’s in the fridge waiting for dessert time…I used the maraschino cherries and put the cream cheese stuff on top of the graham crackers…I’ll let you know how it turned out. It’s pretty!

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