Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: LMIRL — Let’s Meet In Real Life

Jet is a rescued Mustang. She got her name because she was a "frequent flyer" in the Mustang adoption circuit.

When did it happen?  When did I become so dependent on technology?  Even in the country, we are not without “city luxuries” like Internet, satellite radio and a DVR.  However, the other day I had to turn in my work computer for an upgraded version.  I was without the machine in my classroom for only a couple of hours, but I noticed a shift in the awareness of my surroundings.  I should have taken that as a sign of how my evening at home would go.

No computer.  Phone turned off.

It was a beautiful evening in the country.  As soon as I entered their pasture, the animal migration began: the goats head to the shed, but the horses came to me.  After all, I have the carrots and they know that.   After feeding everyone, I took advantage of Jet’s lingering.  She let me groom her from mane to tail while Roxy stood by and simply watched.  I was able to brush her thick black mane; it’s so healthy now that she is living with us and away from the horses that used to tear out chunks with their teeth.   As I ran my hands down her leg to remove the fly bots that had accumulated in just one week, I noticed crimson highlights right above her hoof.  Wow.  My horse is not just brown.  She is brown, crimson, auburn, and black.  She is gorgeous.  Her Mustang brand reminds me that she was captured and taken from her home, but I take her head dropped near my chest to mean that it’s okay.  She let me run my hands over her eyes and scratch under her halter, and for good measure I kiss the soft flesh of her muzzle.  This is it.  This is what life is all about.

I’m sure none of this would have happened with a phone in one hand.

Roxy is a beautiful gaited saddle horse. She was purchased so my husband would have a horse to ride. She also holds the title of "Alpha Mare" in our small goat/ horse herd.

I wanted to write about it.  No computer.  I scrounged up a legal pad and took some notes.  This is hard without my computer; the task can wait.  I checked my email from my phone and remembered I had a DVR’d television show to watch.  Technology habits sure die hard, don’t they?

Somebody, please, don’t let me forget what it’s like to live life with my hands on something other than a keyboard.