On The Horizon: But It’s Free!

Before Jon Stewart or even Andy Rooney, there was humorist Will Rogers. Covering the day’s topics, Rogers made you feel like you were talking to a friend. That friendly persona along with Rogers’ wit and wisdom is captured in cowboy humorist Will Roberts’ revived segment called “Will’s Weekly Telegram”.

Focusing on current events, as well as timeless and popular topics, in a comedic style that is approachable to all ages while being straight to the point for a world filled with tweets and sound bites. Roberts’ is considered to be the Modern Day Will Rogers right down to the fact that he is currently one of the featured acts as a trick roper in one of the largest stage shows on the Las Vegas strip.

In this week’s video blog, we’d like to introduce you to our old friend, Will Roberts and why he got to thinking…why we are willing to pay for what we can get, for almost free.
Rob McClendon