The 2011 Imaginary Family Project – Week 52

#52 of 52 : ENNIS
Imaginary Family Project Week 52 - Ennis

External Photo Clues:
Date Stamp 6/54

Ennis lived and died broke, but he was never not happy.

The End.

About The Author:
Quentin Bomgardner is an Engineer during the day, and a volunteer for the Norman Arts Council and Norman Music Festival in his spare time.  He is also an occasional amateur artist mostly in areas of music and writing.

About The Imaginary Family Project:
The 2011 Imaginary Family Project was a year-long collective art endeavor coordinated by occasional amateur artist Quentin Bomgardner and co-sponsored by The Red Dirt Chronicles.  This project was based around “lost” vintage photographs, which have been acquired at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and eBay – heirloom collections, with no heir.  During every week of 2011 a different author “found” one photograph by creating an imagined history around one of its subjects.  This concludes the project.  After a bit of work, the collection will be compiled and presented as a group.

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4 thoughts on “The 2011 Imaginary Family Project – Week 52”

  1. So great..I love vintage photos and the caption (everyone loves pinterest for diff reasons, mine is coming up with captions for the pics…I’d love it if that could be my day job).

    I did a post on my blog about my family’s history on the sugar plantation on Maui. That was one of my biggest days in terms of views. Everyone enjoys looking at vintage photos and imagining what the story is behind those images.

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