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Praying Without words: Sacred music, circa 2002

I had made arrangements to record a CD of sacred music for my family at Wesley United Methodist Church because I loved the acoustics in their auditorium. Unfortunately, the tuning on their piano wasn’t quiet ready for a recording session so we completed the project at my own place of worship, Cherokee Hills Christian Church on 63rd and MacArthur.

Since that time I’ve given away all my CDs pressed from the original recording. In order to keep the memory of that music, I’ve posted it here.

If you appreciate solo piano of the sacred genre, then feel free to download these free music files. I don’t even have the titles of the numbers anymore. But through these files, I have the memory of an attempt to give my family and friends a gift of how I pray without words.

Today as we mourn the deaths from a mass shooting in El Paso, some might need to pray without words. I know I do. And, I’m praying for solutions as well.

Peace — Red Dirt Kelly

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10

Track 11

Track 12

Track 13

Track 14

Track 15

Track 16

Track 17

Track 18

Track 19

Track 20