Knocking on the Locked Door of Brett Favre’s Mind

by Mark “The Howard” Hinderliter

*Disclaimer: All facts reported in this article may only be facts to me and could have nothing at all to do with actual history.

Malleus of Thor

First off, let me just put it out there – I’m a Vikings fan. How that happens to an Oklahoma boy I have no idea….I blame Sheb Woolley but that’s a story for another day.  I’ve carried the Malleus of Thor since the days of The Purple People Eaters, Fran the Man, the Spin Doctor, Bud, Carl, Alan, Jim, Krause and the finest (and maybe the last) straight-on place kicker, Fred Cox — reportedly also the holder of the patent for the Nerf Football.  Cool!

I’ve endured four Super Bowl losses.  Not in four consecutive years mind you (ouch…sorry Bills Fans), but four all the same.  And they’ve been so close since those tough, early NFL Super losses.  Who can forget Randall Cunningham and the highest scoring offense in history? Does that record still hold??  They lost in the NFC Title Game.

And then there was last year.  It was our year!

The man Vikings defenses loved to torment…who had some of his worst games in the Metrodome while wearing green, was pulling the trigger for the Vikes, handing the ball to AD, tossing the lob to Shiancoe.  He made the incredible Favre throws.  And, some incredible Favre Oh No’s.

Once again…so close.  But they couldn’t take care of the ball against the Saints.  And in the process a 40 year old ankle was – well – it had to hurt!  No, I’m not a disinterested, non-partisan party.  Which makes those of us outside the mind of Brett wonder what is going on inside the mind of Brett Favre?

While Packers fans and fans of the other thirty NFL teams snicker at the “Continuing Drama of Brett,” Ragnar and the Purple Norsemen are ready to fall on their axes.  Are we to be left once again in the less than capable hands of Tarvaris Jackson?  Sage Rosenfels?  We may as well go with rookie Joe Webb and take whatever blows the hammer of the gods inflict upon us!

Reportedly, BF has told some teammates he will not return for his 20th NFL season.  But haven’t we been down this road before?  Nineteen seasons played and what, twelve training camps?  Isn’t this is a dodge we’ve seen before…like last year?

But what if…?  What if the ankle really hasn’t healed?  Could Brett be sincere in claiming he will not return?  SI contributor Peter King thinks Favre may hold out until after the Vikes by-week during “week five.”  Others suspect he’ll be in the Land O’Lakes as soon as training camp is over.

You know the commercials where Brett just can’t decide what tv to buy?  They’re not funny anymore.  Not if you wear purple.

Three things about Favre; two easy to verify and one that is hearsay:

  1. Brett is a fierce competitor,
  2. Brett has trouble making up his mind, and
  3. (weird) Brett is non-confrontational (huh?).

Could Brett be afraid to disappoint?  Say it ain’t so!  This is football!  Football is all about confrontation in the most violent ways men can figure while on two feet and without weapons.  So suck it up Nancy!  Get on the field, go for the ring.  And let us know what’s going on.

Football is no place for drama; it’s a place for action!



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