Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout a Man Who Helps You Dress Sharp

HELM Handmade Boots were made for walkin’ and lookin’ good.

Josh Bingaman at Progress Coffee, Austin, TX

This Friday morning RDC shout-out goes to Josh Bingaman, an Okie who now lives in Austin.

Who has a passion for creating a line of nouveaux rustic, and downright dapper, hand-made men’s boots and shoes.

Who’s inspiration for his creations came from a venture he co-owned and managed with his brother called the Subterranean Shoe Room.

Who also owns Progress Coffee in Austin with his wife.

You can read the story and other press pieces on their website.  You can know that, depending upon your foot size, these men’s boots could fit women as well. And you can be certain that when wearing them, you’ll walk a little taller…how could you not?

Utilizing connections and relationships the world over, HELM boots are hand-made in Istanbul with soles from Italy, served up in several locations around the U.S. And they absolutely eke of style; an old-world return to a new future we have for fashion and footwear.

Based upon my research this morning, it appears that Josh and the boots have received a good bit of publicity in Oklahoma, including a feature in the Daily Oklahoman and a trunk show at the Shoe Gypsy. However, I’m just now finding out about them and frankly, have mentally started a “HELM boots savings account” to buy my favorite pair.

The culture of creativity runs deep in Red Dirt country and sometimes that story extends beyond the Red River.  And sometimes to the other side of the world.

Congratulations, Josh, for realizing one of your dreams.  I’m sure you’ll have more, based upon what you’ve done to this point.  I’m making a note to check on you in another year…and I’ll be sportin’ my HELM boots when I do.

The "Jarmon" canvas, christened after his mother's maiden name...I want these. If you missed the link in the first sentence, click this photo to visit their website.