Ludivine is Open and the Operation is Lookin’ Fine…Plus, Big Truck Tacos Saves the Day

Last night my hubby and I decided to go enjoy the festivities of Ludivine’s maiden voyage, their first night with doors open to the public.  Here’s the sunset I enjoyed on the drive from work…

7:35 p.m., prairie view approximately 10 miles west of Meridian, OK

When I got to the house, Mick was dressed and ready to go.  He looked up the address one final time (805 N. Hudson) while I brushed my teeth and sprayed on perfume.  When we pulled up to the restaurant it was already dark, and most of the parallel spaces along the street were taken.  “Good,” I thought.  “A nice crowd even though it’s after 8:00 p.m.”  Here are a couple shots from the street view…

As we entered the restaurant, I noticed the staff were busy, friendly and everyone seemed to have at least two tasks on which they were focusing.  The front-end manager greeted us and told us that there was approximately an hour wait.  I looked around the house and saw every table full but one.  She offered to have us wait in their “great bar” but I knew what our answer would be.  Mick gets up at 4:00 a.m. and staying out this late was already a stretch.  She suggested coming early to lessen the wait; they open at 5:00 p.m.  I agreed, told her we would be back and we prepared to go somewhere else.  I wasn’t discouraged at all – in fact I was happy that their opening night provided them with a full house.

Before I left, I took a few shots of the dining, kitchen and bar areas – and one of the table general manager Tracey Leird was setting for their next guests.  I commented on their flowers and she mentioned that they, too, were grown in Oklahoma.  “Perfect,” I thought.

So, we headed down the road and pulled into another place near to our heart: Big Truck Tacos.  I cannot get enough of their ceviche.

I’m glad Ludivine had a good first night.  I’m glad I learned when to show up in order to get a table more quickly, and I’m glad that another strong business model has found it’s way to the heart of Oklahoma City.  Oh…I’m ALSO glad Big Truck Tacos is there to make our tummies happy! – Red Dirt Kelly

(A few shots of Big Truck Tacos in case you’ve not yet graced their establishment.  And if you’ve not…get on down there!)



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  1. My daughter introduced me to BTT in May and I love it! She only lives a few blocks from there so when we go to visit we always try to eat there. Love their cheese dip!

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