Friday Morning Shout Out: Dusty Gilpin, Tree and Leaf, and the Evolution of TRUDust

Sometimes who you are is carved by Time on your heart.  Sometimes on your letterhead, the wallpaper on your computer, or in how you dress.  At least part of Dusty Gilpin’s identity is “carved” on his forearm in the shape of a tattoo; his last name etched into more than just skin by his history as a third generation artist.  Also known as TRUDust, he’s been around town quite a bit lately and is leaving his artistic fingerprint on the culture of Oklahoma City.  Here are just a few impressions…

Ink, before color was added.
K-N-M. Spraypaint, serigraphy, wood and plexiglass - All three photos from Dusty's Facebook Art Portfolio Page.

Co-owner of Tree & Leaf Clothing, Dusty and the rest of their team have been on their own, growing their business for about five years.  You can follow him on Twitter, check the local papers or culture scene for his next spray-paint gig, or serendipitously notice one of their t-shirts being worn by a local somewhere on the street.

However it is that you run across Dusty and his work, you can be certain there’s more to come.  After all, he’s just begun his third generation influence on Oklahoma…who knows what’s in store from TRUDust around the corner of the art world?  Or for that matter, life in Red Dirt Country?  Congratulations to you Dusty, for what you’ve accomplished thus far. Congrats to the Tree & Leaf Clothing team.  And, best wishes as you continue to carve your name, and that of what’s around you or how it influences you, on our Oklahoma hearts.

Dusty Gilpin, AKA TRUDust.



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  1. Aw…isn’t it cool how generations make sure and trademark each other? I have no doubt that your father, too, was branded in some way or another. And, thank YOU for leaving your RDC logo on our little blog’s heart. ~ Red Dirt Kelly

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