Happy Half-Birthday, RDC!

It’s been six months since I began my “Red Dirt Kelly” blog that very quickly turned into what you now know as the “Red Dirt Chronicles (RDC).” Here are Julie, Jen and her team at the Consumer Credit Counseling office, plus Kendy and I in a “home movie” wishing the RDC a happy six-month birthday.

We are thankful for your participation in our project as readers, thinkers, commenters and encouragers…and we hope you’ll join us in wishing the RDC another great six months, with many birthdays to come!

I just watched this video after having put it together in the middle of the night and realized I was tired…because, it was the middle of the night!  Glad Julie, Kendy and Jen’s group had energy to spare.  Hey, guys…can I borrow some of that!?  Maybe for our one-year birthday I can talk some of our man-authors into actually getting in front of a camera! Have a fun and safe “Black Friday” out there. Let us know if you bagged a bargain…or five!


P.S.  The music in the background of this video is “The Crow” by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.  I grew up on Steve Martin’s humor in high school and have appreciated the more developed “Banjo Period” of his artistic life.  Thanks for the birthday song, you wild and crazy guy!  One more thing – we’ve got some extra special posts coming up for you next week to celebrate our half-birthday.  Enjoy!