Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch: Get Your Roof On With Rusty Hilger

So my husband and I are building this barn, right?  And it’s really going pretty well thanks to our family and friends who have sacrificed some Saturdays and our two friends Trial and Error who are there every day.   The posts are in the ground and the trusses are up. It’s not that I don’t trust my husband’s judgment, but I just wanted to talk to an expert; enter former Oklahoma State University and NFL quarterback Rusty Hilger.

Rusty Hilger, today
After a successful college and NFL football career, Rusty is again leading his team in the home construction industry.

Julie: How did you get into the construction industry?

Rusty: I had just turned 16 in the summer of 1978 and I needed a way to pay for my first pickup truck. Trust me, it wasn’t much of a truck, but the $2.00 per hour I was earning at the local skating rink was no longer an option. South Oklahoma City was growing and new construction was everywhere. My truck and I got a job with a local homebuilder cleaning and organizing home sites prior to the final landscaping. In the summer of 1979, I worked for a roofing company and roofed my first house, read more and her about my career here. During college, I worked summer construction jobs in Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa for 3 different OSU Alumni. In 1985, an NFL career put my construction career on hold until 1990, when we undertook a four-month project to remodel and re-open the old Split-T restaurant in OKC. After retirement from the NFL in 1992, a career in construction seemed natural.

Julie: What kind of roof system is best suited for Oklahoma residents?

Rusty: Sooner or later (strike that; sorry Pistol Pete) at some point, most roof shoppers ask this simple question, even after they visit our website. First of all, find a roofing contractor online to find ensure a good roof system. The best roofing system is actually “Full Replacement Cost” insurance with a $500 dollar deductible.+  Why? Since January of 2008, according to the National Weather Service, we have had more than 140 days of severe hail measuring 3/4” or larger in Oklahoma. In May of 2010, the hailstones were so large they came through the roof and into the home in some neighborhoods. No roof system will withstand these conditions and it is only a matter of time before it happens at your home, you can continue reading here for better options on roofing. Many of our clients have replaced their roofing systems twice within the past 3 years. Check your policy or contact your agent for details. If you don’t have Full Replacement Cost insurance, get it!

Julie:  Winter is on its way.  Do you have any advice regarding protection from Oklahoma ice?

Rusty: Protection against ice dams is required at eaves wherever the January average temperature is 25*F or lower or where there is a possibility of ice forming in the eaves. From Kansas to the North Pole this product is required as code. In Oklahoma it is an option, yet Oklahoma ice storms and snow create problems if this product is not used. It creates a 100% watertight seal that keeps water out at the most vulnerable areas of your roof (at the eaves and rakes, in valleys, around chimneys, pipes, etc.).

Julie: What is the biggest mistake that home owners make regarding roof upkeep or maintenance?

Rusty:  With the exception of storm damage, the weakest link in any roofing system remains the pipes sticking up through the roof. Most pipes are made of PVC and the pipe jack is a rubber-like material used to seal around the pipe. This rubber-like material will deteriorate over time at a faster rate than the shingles. The pipes should be checked every year and a special roofing silicone should be used to ensure a watertight seal.

Julie: What do you love the most about Oklahoma?

Rusty: Oklahomans are committed to the values important to me: God, family, friends, and football!. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and attended Oklahoma State University before being drafted by the Los Angeles Raiders in 1985. I loved the time I spent in Manhattan Beach, Ca; Birmingham (Detroit) MI; Seattle, WA; Indianapolis, IN; Dallas, TX; and Nassau, Bahamas. Although these are some terrific cities, none of them compare to the down-home family lifestyle and attitude of our neighbors here in the great state of Oklahoma.

Julie:  If anyone has more questions about roof replacement, how can they contact you?

Rusty Hilger, #12
Rusty has lots of great information to share about protecting your home.

Rusty: If you have questions, send an email to or call anytime at 405.227.9689.

Wow! Rusty had some great information to share.  The most surprising to me was that we both spent time on roofs in the 70’s!  If you want to know more about that, contact me.  If you need to know more about getting a new roof, you need to contact Rusty.Thanks to Rusty for sharing his expertise with me….and now with you!  Happy building!



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