RDC Friday Morning Shout Out 12/24/10: The Red Andrews Christmas Dinner

Face-painted child digs in to a slice of pumpkin pie - image from NewsOk

Dear RDC community:

When I began thinking about a short little shout out for Christmas Eve morning, I didn’t have to work too long before I settled in on the Red Andrews Christmas Dinner (RACD).  I think the event needs an entry in Wikipedia if anyone is interested in beginning that task.

I first became aware of the RACD in 1984, while employed at William E. Davis and Sons – a local institutional food distributor named by the founder who deserves his own Friday morning shout out.  I first worked the 3-11 shift as a computer operator, but was soon moved to customer service where there was a great amount of logistical action. We helped the coordinator prepare and receive their order for the RACD every year.  If you can imagine what it takes to feed, every single Christmas, between 5-10 thousand guests when you have no idea how much money will come in or really how many to expect, or how many volunteers might show up, etc. etc.  Well, it’s interesting!

But somehow they (THEY meaning the coordinator, the volunteers, those who donate, and those who graciously choose to come and eat dinner because they appreciate the opportunity) do it.  And somehow, this year, they’re doing it again.  There is all kinds of information found in local newspapers, magazines, and television spots about the dinner.  The event receives enough lead-in coverage that I won’t rehash what it is, who they serve, etc.  All I wish to say this morning is simply thank you.  Thanks so much, RACD-involved people, for what you do, for who you serve, for leaping out on faith year after year regardless of whether you’ve faced closing the event due to lack of funds over the years, for the stories read to the children, for the face painting, for the drinks handed out to those who sometimes camp out to get in each year, and for the immense, immeasurable, amazing, incomprehensible total amount of love that goes into pulling it off.

I love you, Red Andrews Christmas Dinner, and am giving you our RDC Friday Morning Shout Out.


The line is always long, and the love is always deep - image from NewsOK.

P.S.  If you’d like to help with donations or volunteer to work at the dinner, they might still be able to use your support.  Click here for info.