Silent Sunday: 2/20/10 ~ Sissy Osteen’s Work

I was inspired to enjoy photography by my father, Benoit, who took photos and developed them in the darkroom. He really loved the Polaroid camera and I remember how fascinated I was when he would pull out the photo and rub the solution across. I took pictures most of my life. My sister, Roxanna, was an artist in every way. When she picked up the camera, I put it down. I knew I could not compete. When she died on 2004, I picked up the camera again and determined that I would be the eye for both of us. I believe that taking pictures can help anyone develop an ability for capturing details that others may not necessarily see, bringing into view a new perspective of the subject portrayed. To facilitate that for myself I always sit next to the window, watch the changes in light and shadow and look behind me when I shoot.

Flowers are a fascination and joy to me. They are like jewelry and contribute color and beauty to the landscape in their own time. Close up, they exhibit an almost unnatural variation in color, texture and even movement. Landscapes and architecture are another favorite as they often combine soft and hard textures in a complete package. I think the contrast between what nature creates and humans construct is interesting. Charleston, SC is one of my favorite places to photograph because of the history, but visiting Italy is a photographers dream. Everything in view is a picture.

These pictures are a combination of my favorite flowers and architecture. Additionally, I took the last picture from an airplane as I realized we were flying into a storm. Someone even asked if I took it through the window of the plane! I hardly knew what to say.

~ Sissy Osteen

Sissy’s work is available for sale at “Flourishes Flowers” in Stillwater, Oklahoma.



4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: 2/20/10 ~ Sissy Osteen’s Work”

  1. I’m guessing there is only one Sissy Osteen so it must be the one I know from the financial education world! Her work is gorgeous and I am happy to see this artistic side of her. Does she sell her work?

    1. Hi, Jennifer – yes, Sissy is a Family Resource Extension Professor with Oklahoma State University and Certified Financial Planner. I believe she DOES sell her work, and mentioned that her photography business has her father’s name in the title: “Benoit” Images? I can’t recall. I will find out from her the contact information and send it your way, or post it in her entry!

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