Silent Sunday: 2/6/11 ~ Images From Other Oklahoma Websites We Like

Zach Gray is a really special asset to Oklahoma. From Ada, he currently resides at Stillwater. Both his blog and Flickr site are something else. If you'd like to see photos of the Bedlam game that have a great perspective (as good or better than some of the major sports outlets), visit his Flickr site by clicking this photo. If you'd like to visit his blog, you can get there by visiting his Flickr profile. Zach, your work is beautiful!
We've not yet introduced you to Dee Nash and her "Red Dirt Ramblings" blog about her garden. This photo caption from her site mentioned that she and her watering can were waiting for Spring. Click this photo to visit her site and her "Ramblings." Dee does a great job and we're glad to have her as part of the Red Dirt family-hood. (We've added her onto our blog roll today so you can find her if you want to go there from here.)

How could we NOT mention "The Pioneer Woman Blog." Ree Drummond recently released her new "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" book, and is one of the most prolific and most-read bloggers in the US. And, she's an Okie. This photo is from a story featured on her blog today about a particular cow they have who runs alongside the truck and tries to eat pellets out of the spout. It's funny. She's funny and endearing. And if you've not check out her work, we recommend you do. Soon. Just click the photo to visit her site.

The "Red Dirt Revival" is a blog attached to an Etsy Shop by the same name. For you young, adventurous, sustainable-minded or whimsical, you might enjoy Chelsea's work and shop. She's got a distinct style and honest writing flair. We wish her the best of luck in continuing her business and her life!
"The Stone Family" (Written and managed by Lee Anne Stone, Youth Director of Leadership Oklahoma), mentioned in an article Kendy wrote entitled "Chicken Soup for the Blogaholics Soul" is a real treat. If you are looking for a family to get attached to, with a story behind why they decided to begin sharing their own, this one might be for you.