Silent Sunday Afternoon Edition: 2/13/11 ~ Valentines Day 1911

Obviously, the political cartoonist of the day thought England (personified as "John Bull") was jealous of the budding USA-Canadian relationship.
A "loving" relationship between both parties in the legislature was featured in this post as an "era of good feeling" at the State Capitol.

Horrible "murder-suicide" story is featured - an emotional killing by a jealous lover.
If that first headline wasn't bad enough, another girl - angry at her recently deceased father for putting a long-term clause in his will (he would disinherit her unless she waited 'till she was 24 years old before marrying) killed herself because she couldn't marry her young love. She was 18.
Interestingly, there were zero ads for chocolates, flowers or other gifts for those in love. There was however (the only ad on Feb 12, 13 or 14th in 1911) an ad for fine silk fabric, billed as a good thing to purchase for Valentines Day. There WAS a huge full page write up about the premier of the new "Ben Hur" movie, and you can see that it's mentioned in this ad.

Note:  All images and information pulled from the February 12, 13 and 14th, 1911 editions of the Daily Oklahoman.