Simple Sabbath: Sidekicks & Shows About Nothing

"Arrr, grrr, garble, grrrr, howlllll, arrr *and all sorts of Chewy noises*" (translation: I'm not the sidekick, I'm the main character! Who said I was the sidekick?!)

I don’t know who invented the sidekick, but there should be a lifetime achievement award going to someone. There are many famous sidekicks. For Fred Flintstone, Lone Ranger, Johnny Carson and Sherlock Holmes – they are: Barney Ruble, Tonto, Ed McMahon and Dr. Watson, respectively.

A sidekick does not get center stage or major billing; the supporting role is always subordinate to the main character. (Oh, like you didn’t know that… drive a stake: subordinate to the main character.)

I’m sure there is another blog that extols the virtues of distinguished sidekicks. But I mu st note, just for the record, that the greatest sidekick of all time is Tonto. He had dignity, he had a horse named Scout, and he was fit.


We are geared for stories and we love heroes. We especially love stories with heroes who have cool sidekicks. I wonder if sidekicks know they are sidekicks?  I mean really, think about it… I’ll bet Chewbacca thought he was the main character. But come on man, who’s he trying to kid? *

Yes, there are stories. We all like to think that we have our own story. But I submit that there is but one Story, The Story and there is only one Hero, capital ‘H’.

The Star of the Gospel –God, the author of all that is, authors the ultimate story. His story begins in creation; the Bible is His script beginning to end. He reveals Jesus, the true and better Hero. The interesting thing about regular guys like me, is that we somehow think we are the main character. For the most part we pretend to write our own script (Can you say tragedy?); there are self-salvation projects too (all a farce).

The Gospel rewrites our dead-end characters.

By casting Self as the main character, we become comfortable with sprinkling verses from God’s Script to help our story along. According to bumper stickers, Jesus becomes our “best friend” or “co-pilot.” Man fancies himself a “friend of God” because he is willing to let Jesus play a supporting role. But the hero of the God’s story does not accept supporting roles. God has given Him pre-eminence; He must have first place in everything.

As Michael Horton states in his book, The Gospel Driven Life, God is the “playwright, central character and casting director.” His story is that of redemption, fixing what is wrong.  And what IS wrong?  Man wants center stage. What’s wrong? SIN.  The Greatest Story Every Told is the historical account of God redeeming the world unto Himself.

Casting Call – Okay, so we are not the main character in this life, but neither are we spectators. We have been cast . . . you are a chosen race, A royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, a people for God’s own possession,, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; I Peter 2:9

The Show About Something

The Show About NothingFor those Seinfield fans, you recognize this phrase.  The popular television comedy mocked itself by claiming to be a show about nothing.  It reflected the American philosophy and worldview. Without meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ, there can only be self-chosen glory… it’s what the book of Ecclesiastes calls vanity. We become secular disciples on the road from nowhere and headed nowhere.  For that chosen race… a people for God’s own possession, the meaning of life is about the excellencies of Him. Our show is about Someone, His name is Jesus Christ.

The Father directs our steps, the Son takes center stage and the Holy Spirit prompts you and me to participate.


I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ that lives within me.”                                                                                                                  Galatians 2:20


*[I do need a little help with a quandary that keeps me up at night. If you can weigh in and help, I would really appreciate it.  In the matter of C3PO and R2D2,who was whose sidekick?]



2 thoughts on “Simple Sabbath: Sidekicks & Shows About Nothing”

  1. While each had his moment in the sun, 3PO was always whining and in trouble. R2 was always there to save the day and play the hero part. That trend continued even moving backward into the prequel movies in the series. 3PO was a great translator (think Tonto), but was the definite side kick character.

    1. Jeff – I was thinking the same thing. C3PO had no backbone, and R2D2 would go into a situation, regardless of the consequences. Two votes for R2!

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