Meanwhile Back at The Ranch: I’m Braking For Spring

What a day!  It was the barn with the Daffodils that caught my eye first, and after that I just kept noticing glimpses of color and new life all around.  If you haven’t already, stop and notice. (Click photos for a larger view).  Have a great week!

On my way to Wal-Mart, I noticed these beauties in front of an old barn.



It looks like my strawberries survived the winter. I'm going to clean out the dead leaves and start watching for blooms.








This is a welcomed sight coming up the drive. Looks like it's time to get out the rake.

This single bloom will not be alone very long.
This is in my backyard. I can see it through the window in the garage. This beautiful shade of pink makes me smile as it boldly stands out against the light gold of the dormant grass.












One thought on “Meanwhile Back at The Ranch: I’m Braking For Spring”

  1. Spring fever hit here about the middle of last week. The only color is the sky and the mountains(and the silk flowers on the patio.

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