Silent Sunday: The Work of Michael Stano

Route 66 Bridge Over Lake Overholser ~ by Michael Stano (all images in this post are copyrighted exclusively by the featured photographer)

When highlighting Oklahomans for our Silent Sunday series, I’m always amazed at the variety of backgrounds covered by those who are also excellent photographers.  Such is the case with Judge Michael Stano, or…Michael Stano the photographer, of Stillwater.

I like signing into his “Zenfolio” website just to hear the relaxing threads of music accompanying me while searching through his images.  I also like the way his “Photographer” section begins the story of how he was introduced to his first camera.  Here’s an excerpt:

A way of seeing….

While in Cub Scouts, which must have been in the mid-50s, I used plans in Boys’ Life to build a pin-hole camera. The camera “body” was a Folger’s one-pound coffee can. The “lens” was a nail hole poked through the can, and the “shutter” was a piece of electrical tape over the hole. The inside of the can was painted black, and there was a sheet film holder made of cardboard. I don’t remember if I actually took any photos with the Folger’s can, but I was obviously interested in photography at an early age.My first real camera was a Kodak “Holiday Flash.” It had a screw-on flash bulb holder, which had a plastic flap over the bulb to keep the glass fragments from spraying by-standers should the bulb explode. I still have that camera….

At the end of this particular Silent Sunday post, I’ll direct you to his website, his Flickr account and an article about photographs of his displayed by the Oklahoma State University Foundation. Until then, we hope you enjoy this particular selection of his work featuring architecture and “architecture deconstructed” within Oklahoma. ~ The Editor

Cast Iron Stairway ~ Stillwater, OK
Robin Hood Flour ~ Ponca City, OK
Poncan Theatre ~ Ponca City, OK
Dow Grain Co. ~ Okarche, OK
Dow Grain Co. ~ Okarche, OK
Hauf Auto Salvage ~ Stillwater, OK
Hauf Auto Salvage ~ Stillwater, OK
Hauf Auto Salvage ~ Stillwater, OK

This feature only encapsulated one particular area and perspective of Mr. Stano’s work.  For more information, please see this link about a recent exhibit.  Please visit here if you would like to peruse his Zenfolio website. And, please visit here to peruse his Flickr account.  Thanks for sharing with us, Michael.  We appreciate you and your work.




5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: The Work of Michael Stano”

  1. Kelly,

    Thanks for the flattering words, and the nice write up!

    I have a new exhibit that will run from April 1, through April 30, 2011, at the Visions in the Paseo gallery in Oklahoma City ( This exhibit features 32 photographs, mainly of architecture.

    Again, I appreciate you selecting me for “Silent Sunday.”


    1. Thanks so much for coming exhibit information!

      I saw the Paseo collection listed on your website and should have noticed the date was imminent. We were just there two weeks ago. Our daughter was married in the Old Trinity Church in the center of the district. Best wishes on your display. You work is beautiful! ~ Kelly

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