Meanwhile Back at The Ranch: Life is TWO Good

If you asked me if I liked even or odd numbers, I would say “odd.”  There is something about the numbers one, three, and five that intrigue me.  You would never know this fact based on what’s going on out here at the ranch.

Cats: When we moved to the country in 2004 we brought along our two cats.  Of course, back then we were “city” people, and I won’t even begin to tell you the exorbitant amount of money that was spent on each of them.  A third cat eventually joined the group but died of an unknown illness.  Really, I insisted on an autopsy…of a cat…and the findings were indeterminate.  We were left with two.

Horses: Our Mustang, Jet, came to live with us because our neighbors had one too many horses.  We were clueless new horse owners, but our friends are very experienced and have followed through on their promise to guide us in the right direction.  “The right direction” included buying a horse friend for Jet.  Roxy came to live with us just a few months after Jet’s arrival.  It was great fun watching them get to know each other while they lived in the midst of all the goats.

Cats….again: Last summer my husband brought home two three week old kittens who had lost their mother.  He claimed we needed barn cats.  Here’s a little secret….we didn’t have a barn.  We nursed them along and let them stay in the garage with a heat lamp during this cold winter.  They are our outside cats.  They enjoy bird watching and hopping in my car when I am late for work.

Dog #1: If you’ve read any of the other article in the “Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch” series , you probably already know Mae.  She was the walk-on a couple of summers ago.  She is a black lab mixed with (I think) pit bull.  She is beautiful and such a part of my being that I can’t even begin to understand how I’ve lived this long without her.  We’ve known for awhile that we are too attached, so we considered looking for a dog friend for her.  My friend Bryan fosters labs, and I was too late in committing to one of the puppies he recently received, but then I got an email.

Dog #2: Marley, a three year old black lab originally rescued from the Memphis Humane Society, needed a home.  I knew I had to act fast.  I was able to pick Marley up that very day.  Sure, I was a little concerned about how Mae would receive him, but we had high hopes and patience.  At home Mae greeted me at the car and I kissed her and walked her over to my husband.  Marley emerged from the car and walked with me over to meet Mae.  Mae’s tail was wagging like crazy, and then something happened that had NEVER happened before that told me this was going to work out fine.

Mae peed on Greg’s leg from the excitement.

The rest of the evening was spent with the two friends, Marley and Mae, running around the farm.  Marley peed on every fence

Mae and our new dog Marley.

post while Mae watched the three of us and noted how different her world would be from tonight on.  Greg walked down to check on the horses and I stayed closer to the house with Marley.  Mae looked from Greg back to me, not knowing what to do as our typical evening is spent with all three of us down at the goat shed.  Our plan of wearing out the dogs worked.  At bedtime, Mae joined us in her spot in the middle of the bed, and Marley quietly lay down on the floor on my side of the bed.  I later learned this was where she slept at her former home.  A few nights later, I coaxed Marley up onto the bed.  Mae cut a look at me but quietly slipped over to Greg’s side to make room for our new addition.

I have a new favorite number.