My Little Victory Garden: Entry 8 – My Veggies Are Talking!

"Spinach - it's what's for dinner." That's all I said. One day, I'm out picking spinach while whistling a theme from the ballet Rodeo, and my spinach has been making fun of me ever since. Taunting me...seriously. It fancies itself Dana Carvey, and talks to me in "Western" vernacular, and makes fun of the fact that I like to read. How 'bout this. I'll even let you hear what it says...


Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce: We're eating SOOO-O-O- much lettuce right now, because there is so much! When I go to the garden and cut some more, this is what it says: "I have been chosen...."


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There is a tree frog staking out my broccoli plants. I think I'm going to name him "Ace. Ace Ventura, pet detective."

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When the other veggies wondered why the heck I had planted Swiss Chard this year, I told them it was because I was celebrating diversity. They asked a silly question, I gave them a silly answer. But then, they asked… “What’s diversity?” Here’s our conversation, exactly as it happened…

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This is my cauliflower. It's beautiful. Things are working out very nicely. The problem with cauliflowers, however, is that they tend to get big heads. And when cauliflowers get big heads, this is what happens when I visit them - they go a little crazy...

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Rhubarb is a funny word. And also, when I look at this rhubarb, I'm amazed that it's alive. After being frozen down to the ground three times, it's still alive AND doing well. When I look at this rhubarb and the beautiful leaves, with another on the way, all I can think is: "Inconceivable!"


Potato, Potahto. This little Yukon Gold is getting big enough to join the garden conversation, but he's a little nervous. He clearly has eyes, but he's been looking for his ears. Hint - dude, we haven't planted the corn yet.

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Blabbering, aggressive birdies building their annual nest at the intersection of Corner & Eaves. When I stop and smile at them, here's what they growl at me...

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  1. MJ – you’re right, our growing season is probably more extended than yours. Thanks for your note…you made me feel grateful today~ RDK

  2. I love this. Here in west Michigan, we’re just barely escaping the threat of frost so to see someone’s garden growing so lushly makes my mouth water…. Yum!


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