Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch: Sunny and Share

See! I told you there was a LOT!

This spring the rain has been abundant and the sun intermittent, but many of my hardy plants have come back from last year in multiples.  I am happy to share them with friends.

Last week I overheard my friend Anna say that she’d like to plant some Lemon Verbena.  Lucky for her, I have tons.  Her only job was to provide me a list of its uses.  I am going to try it as a tea.

I gave my friend Deauna a bunch of oregano that came back from last year.  She is a great cook, so I know it’s something she will use.  I kept a little for myself.  I will try to cook something with it…but no promises as to how it will come out.  The good thing is that I have plenty to use in my culinary experiments.

herb garden
My herbs are planted in a wagon wheel-six herb plants fit perfectly!

My friend Shannon is new to gardening, so we started a mini Rutgers tomato garden together (more on tomatoes next week).  I have already put a few of our plants in the ground, and I’ve heard her raised beds are ready for her half. Way to grow, Shannon!

My Ajuga has found a home under Greg's Radio Flyer.

As I walk the grounds of the ranch I enjoy checking on plants I’ve been given over time.  I left Oklahoma last year with a pile of plants from Judy’s yard.  Every single one of them survived the 500-mile journey, and they have decided to try another year of living in Tennessee.  The Naked Ladies given to me by my mother-in-law hid for a season but look like they are getting ready to strip themselves of their leaves in order to live up to their name.  Alice let me take several Ajuga from plants two years ago.  I planted them in a variety of places to see where they would like to live best.   My Daylilies from Mary are filling in nicely around my trees.  I can’t wait to see those orange blossoms!

Swapping plants with friends is an inexpensive way to expand your garden and try new things.  Whether you have raised beds for vegetables or just like a few pots of plants here and there, talk to your friends and co-workers about swapping plants.  Don’t forget to ask them what kind of environment the plant thrived in at their house.

It’s sunny, and I want to share.  Leave a comment about your plant sharing experiences.  If you have a plant you’d like to share, let us know!  I’ll mail you a Tag Rag for you to wear while you are transplanting your treasures.

Tag Rag
The Tag Rag. This makes gardening fun!

I got you, babe.