Sometimes I Share Secrets: Steak & Ale Hawaiian Chicken Marinade…Yup!

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I’ve done a search on recipe sites and there are several “Steak & Ale Hawaiian Chicken” (and Kensington Club – same thing…) marinade recipes.  I’m aware they exist.  However, there are a few that sound downright weird, and a few that sound just about right.  In 1984 I got this from a cook at Steak & Ale who swore me to secrecy.  So I swore.  Then, even after they went out of business in Oklahoma I didn’t share the recipe.  I kept thinking…”I swore.  I swore I wouldn’t share it.”

However, it is now 2011. I think that after 28 or 29 years, it’s time to share the secret recipe.  And, it’s time to be grilling outdoors.  After all, all the BTUs you fire up in outdoor grilling will be that many you won’t have to cool down with your air conditioner inside, right?

So here it is.  It’s simple, it works, it’s delicious, and we use it on both chicken AND pineapple.  Any cut of chicken will work.  Just please remember to avoid mixing the bag of chicken marinade with your pineapple marinade unless you can swear you brought the pineapple temperature up high enough to kill any bacteria.  Swear?  Okay. Then here it is.  Enjoy.

1 1/6 c. unsweetened pineapple juice; 1/4 c. granulated sugar; just under 1/2 c. cooking sherry or wine; 1/3 c. soy sauce; 1/6 c. red wine vinegar; 1/3 t. granulated garlic. (1/6 c. = 2 2/3 T.) That’s it.  Allow fresh meat to marinate at least 3-6 hours. We put ours in a Ziploc bag.  Please enjoy – I know we do.





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  1. Original Hawaiian Chicken / Kennsington Club recipe.

    I worked at S&A thru college. Here is the recipe from their recipe file.
    2 cups soy
    2.5 cups sherry
    46 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
    1 cup red wine vinegar.
    1.5 cups sugar
    2.25 tsp garlic.

    Bourbon Street Marinade
    2 cups bourbon
    2 cups soy
    1 cup real lemon juice
    2tbs Roses Garlic
    1 cup chopped onions

  2. Hi! I was wondering if anyone jas the bourbon street steak recipe? My husband would love it!! It was our favorite restaurant to go to after we first got married in VA. Also, what type of bourbon did they use??? Many thanks!!!

  3. Please help! At one time, I had the original recipe for Steak n’ Ale’s French Onion Soup, but now I can’t find it. Easily, it was the BEST soup recipe ever! Does anyone have the recipe please??? Thank you ever so much!!

  4. Thanks for all the chat about S & A. Please share the blackened chicken recipe. So many mentioned such, so just have to try it. For the record, I detested mushrooms until my husband (boyfriend at the time) ordered them for me at S & A. They came in a little silver pitcher to the table, Definitely had wine or sherry in there. OMG, mushroom lover I became over these.

    1. The blackening seasonings used were;

      Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Seasoning Blends. For chicken =POULTRY MAGIC, for beef= STEAK MAGIC, for fish= SEAFOOD MAGIC.

      Product was completely dredged with seasonings from a shaker and placed in HOT cast iron skillet. Margarine was used while cooking in pan (butter burns)

    Note~this was given to me by someone who used to work there. Not sure if it’s from THE authentic/original recipe or not…but worth a try!

    I box elbow macaroni
    1 cup mayo
    1/4 cup red wine vinegar
    1/4 cup picked relish
    Salt, pepper, garlic powder
    1 cup cheddar cheese shredded
    1/2 cup green onions
    1/4 poppy seeds
    Mix all with cool macaroni noodles.

  6. MACARONI SALAD . . . was my all time fave at S & A. In fact ~ I didn’t even like it anywhere else. Once I asked for a list of ingredients…wrote them down….and to this day cannot find it! But it had:
    Poppy Seeds
    Shredded Cheddar Cheese
    (and if memory serves me at all…)
    Buttermilk Dressing OR Sour Cream (but I think BMD)
    Not sure of any seasonings.

    WOULD LOVE this recipe if anyone could help!


    1. FYI….just posted a request for this recipe on a FB group with 27K people. Hoping to get-zee-goods…..and if so? I’ll repost here! Maybe everyone might want to ask their peeps on FB if they have this Macaroni Salad Recipe. Just sayin’…… *smiles*

        1. The steal and ale recipe book?! How do I get one?? I worked there as a teenager into my 20’s through college. Miss it so much! The crabmeat stuffed mushrooms with melted provolone cheese? Omg!

          1. Hello! I also would love to own the Steak n’ Ale recipe book! I am particularly interested in the French Onion Soup recipe–would you happen to have that?? Thank you!

        2. I live in Dallas and frequented the first Steak ‘n Ale on Lemon AV back in 1968!!
          I hated to see them close?
          Do you happen to have the original S&A recipe for Thousand Island Dressing??
          I would love to have a copy if you don’t mind!!


  7. Just found this site and read all. What a delightful and fun way to get information. Love the hole punch humor too. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Dusty

  8. I know that Steak and Ale had French Salad Dressing and I would give a lot for the original recipe used at the restaurant
    on Lemon Avenue and also the first restaurant in Houston.
    Thank you for everything.


  9. Mary Ann, I have the blackened chicken recipe . and its easy, everyone I cook it for begs for it again…… one of my favorites… will look up the other recipe but the cook book I have was froma certain time period. as you know they changed recipes for while to little success ………….. ok then : )

      1. HI Mary Ann,
        been a long time.. don’t know if I sent you the chicken (blackened recipe) and for Melissa ( im having computer problems ) I have a recipe they called popparoni salad which may be the macaroni salad she wants..


        2 1/2 lb macaroni
        2 gallons water
        4 oz vegetable oil
        1 cup sweet pickle relish
        1 can diced pimientos ( drained)
        1 cup green onions (1/4 “)
        1 qt mayonnaise
        3 cups grated Colby cheese
        1/2 cup white wine vinegar
        4 tbsp. vegetable seasoning
        9 tbsp. poppyseeds
        cook macaroni for approx. 8 minutes
        rinse macaroni
        mix vinegar vegetable seasoning and poppyseeds together with whisk
        add remaining ingredients and mix
        allow to sit for 1 hour
        remember these recipes are for larger amounts than we probably want and we may need to reduce the amounts

        blackened chicken
        ( my favorite )
        chicken breast s coated in melted butter
        paul prudhommes ( RIP) Cajun seasoning poultry
        sprinkle as much as you like on each side of breast
        place in very very very hot cast iron skillet …….. open doors unless you have a major ventilation unit
        allow chicken to cook 2 -3 minutes .. turn over and shake pan back andn forth . pour more butter on cooked side of chicken . be careful as butter may flare up.
        continue to cook for addt’l 1-2 minutes or until done.

        this has a short cook time so be careful.

        slice chicken length wise into rather thin pieces… however you like..

        the sauce is ……………. 8 oz melted margarine ( I use butter and margarine , but butter does not melt well for the sauce, hence margarine ( yuk) )) 1 pint heavy whipping cream and more of the Cajun seasoning 3 tbsp.

        combine and warm the sauce over a rather low heat as you DO NOT WANT IT TO BOIL..


        1. I wondered is this the one from the 80’s that had little chuncks of chicken in it S & A had the best

        2. Making the POPPARONI recipe now… and just wondering if the book gave any other direction about the pasta water, specifically if the oil at the top of the recipe is to include in the boil to prevent sticking, or if it is part of the dressing? I feel like it could be either but it doesn’t specify.. 🙁 I am VERY much an amateur cook and need all the help I can get! Anyone else make this yet?

    1. Hi Darlene. I would love the recipe for the macaroni salad out of the cookbook. please help. I’ve been looking everywhere!

  10. This is the recipe that sounds really close: I hope it ok to post it. If not I will be happy to send pm to any that would like to try it.
    Osso Buco with Mushroom Sauce Gourmet | February 1996
    Ingredients Yield Serves 6
    six to eight 2-inch-thick veal or pork shanks (5 pounds total), each tied securely with kitchen string to keep meat attached to bone
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    3 tablespoons unsalted butter
    1 1/2 pounds onion, sliced thin
    2 celery ribs, sliced thin
    1/2 pound fresh cremini or white mushrooms, tough stem ends trimmed
    1/2 pound fresh shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded
    1/2 pound fresh Portobello mushrooms, stems discarded
    3/4 teaspoon dried thyme, crumbled
    1/2 cup dry vermouth or dry white wine
    1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    1/2 to 3/4 cup water
    1 to 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, or to taste
    1/4 cup fresh parsley leaves, washed well, spun dry, and minced
    Accompaniment: cooked couscous
    Preheat oven to 275°F.
    In a heavy ovenproof kettle large enough to hold veal shanks in one layer heat 1 tablespoon each of oil and butter over moderately high heat until foam begins to subside and sauté onion and celery until beginning to turn golden.
    Pat shanks dry between paper towels and season with salt and pepper. Arrange shanks on onion mixture and roast, covered tightly, in middle of oven 3 hours. (Meat will give off juices as it cooks.) Shanks may be prepared up to this point 1 day ahead and cooled, uncovered, before chilling, covered. Reheat shanks before proceeding.)
    Cut mushrooms into 1/4-inch-thick slices. in a large skillet heat remaining 2 tablespoons each of oil and butter over moderately high heat until foam begins to subside and sauté mushrooms with thyme and salt and pepper to taste, stirring, until mushrooms begin to give off their liquid. Stir in vermouth or wine and lemon juice and cook, stirring, until all but about 1/3 cup liquid is evaporated. Mushrooms may be made 1 day ahead and cooled completely before chilling, covered.
    Transfer shanks to a platter and keep warm. Transfer onions, celery, and pan juices to a blender with 1/2 cup water and purée until smooth, adding more water if necessary to thin sauce to desired consistency. Pour sauce into a saucepan and stir in mushroom mixture, vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. Heat sauce over moderate heat until heated through and stir in parsley.
    Arrange shanks on mashed potatoes or couscous and spoon sauce over them.
    Pasted from

  11. Why then when we went to steak n ale an i ordered the Kensington club they told me it was marinated in pineapple juice, sherry wine and garlic, marinted for 36 hours? I went home and tried to duplicate it with those ingredients a d it was almost perfect.

    1. that was correct we left it in the marinade for at least 3 days before cooking both the chicken and steak

  12. 7 year veteran Steak & Ale head cook. I have a recipe book still. There is no Sherry, vinegar or garlic in the recipe. The rest is correct

    1. Sure seemed like I could taste sherry when eating the Kennsington. Are you sure that there was no sherry?

    2. I have the s & a cookbook from steak and ale. sherry vinegar and garlic ARE in Hawaiian chicken : )

  13. I worked for S n A for a decade and can tell you, for a fact, the salad dressings were manufactured by Pillsbury Corp., the dressings came in large one-gallon waxed paper containers (like the old milk cartons we all remember)….the locations I worked for did not make the salad dressings on site. (sry)

    The Kensington Club marinade recipe is awesome, the S n A restaurants would marinate meat & chicken for three days minimum for the maxium flavor possible, great job and thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

  14. Hi, I was hoping the Bennigan’s / Steak & Ale’s House Island Spice recipe was posted somewhere, and I have also been looking for years online for it, too. Not the ranch, but the house dressing called Island Spice. It was so delicious and no one seems to have it. 🙁 One of those little green recipe books has to be in hand somewhere? 🙂

    1. they did have a spice island recipe and its not in the recipe book. they called it house dressing . I am so sorry, will keep looking.

  15. Can anyone give me the recipe for Steak and Ale’s stuffed baked mushrooms? We really miss this restaurant :'(

    1. HI, Steak and Ale actually ordered a crab mix from Wakefield, probably from Sysco.. I have been trying to find it for years.. wahhh.h.hh guess I will be making my own…

  16. Hi! I have a friend who adored the Kensington sandwich. Sadly, I never had one. I’m trying to recreate as a surprise, can anyone tell me exactly what it is??? Thanks!

  17. Lance marinade
    6 cups ketchup
    6 cups tomato juice
    8 cups water
    2 cups burgandy wine
    2 tbs salt
    6 tbs MSG
    Juice of 2 lemons

  18. I show this as “french dressing” but it was made in the S & A in Austin
    6.5 cups ketchup
    6.5 cups oil (?)
    3.25 cups cider vineger
    2 tbs paprika
    4 tbs garlic
    1.5 tbs dry mustard
    1/4 cup worchester sauce
    1.5 tbs salt
    1.5 cups sugar
    1.5 gal mayo
    Makes 2.5 gal

    Also have lance marinade, cold carrot pennies and club marinade

  19. I have been looking for the recipe or brand of the Steak & Ale Ranch Salad Dressing for years. A family member used to be obsessed with it and we would like to surprise her and have it for a special occasion! I have researched and contacted anyone I could possibly, and was referred to this company. I am willing to buy in bulk if that is the case. I have tried all Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings and cannot find the exact taste! Please help me!

    1. Terese – – if ONLY I COULD help you! I will say that it is my personal opinion that the Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings have changed over the years. I used to work (back in 1980) at Crystal’s Pizza and Spaghetti. I mixed the dressings then. We used Hidden Valley, but the quantities of buttermilk and real mayo seemed much higher than they do on the packages now. I’m sorry I can’t help you. There ARE a few commenters on this blog (check the history of the post) of people who worked at Steak and Ale. They could possibly help you? Good luck!

        1. Hi, Austi – – I’m so grateful you were willing to post the recipes you DID have. I can’t tell you how many people are still looking for the recipes from Steak & Ale, and I feel that eventually we may have a sort of recipe exchange going on here! Thanks for your contribution…All the best, Red Dirt Kelly

          1. Hi…. I have worked at steak and ale and I was wondering does anyone have the recipe for the sauce they put on steaks when there in the grill.

          2. Do you have recipe used for the Blue Cheese Dressing? We LOVED that!

            Red Dirt,
            Yes, Thanks I did locate the recipe that Dana had posted after you answered.! Thank you for allowing all of the ‘S&A chat & recipes!!!!!

    2. I have the legitimate steak and ale cook book, my husband was a general mgr for years. Here ya go !!!! of course you will have to scale it down…. unless you are feeding an army. 1/2 gallon mayonnaise, 1 pkg buttermilk dressing mix ( now I don’t know what mix that is , sorry !!) it prob was Hidden Valley, but sorry again.. and 1 1/2 qt buttermilk. allow to sit for 12 hours to marinate.. and guess it’s a big pkg of dry mix.. not really much help but it is legit..

        1. seriously, I know, but its in the legitimate recipe book.. bleu cheese was made from scratch, so was the thousand island but not the ranch ???????????????? I was surprised too. this book I have came from a managing partner with steak and ale , my husband so it is the “real thang”

          1. Mary Ann – if you’ll read down through all the comments, you’ll see that Darlene sent the blue cheese dressing recipe. It’s there…just maybe buried. Good luck! – Red Dirt Kelly

    3. ranch dressingis as follows

      1/2 gal mayo
      1 pkgbuttermilk dressing mix
      1 1/2 cts buttermilk that’s all it says in the steak and ale cookbook

  20. Thank you. So delicious. Brought back wonderful steak and ale memories from so many years ago. Hawaiian chicken was my favorite dish and thanks to you I can finally enjoy it again.

  21. Thank you so VERY much for the Steak & Ale `Hawaiian Chicken` recipe. I have missed Steak & Ale for so many years, especially the Hawaiian chicken. I made it and nearly was in tears Thanks again.

  22. 10 year veteran myself. Busboy, server, prep cook, head broil cook, kitchen manager, even manager. I’m still in the business and have always grown tired of the food of the restaurant I work in, but I never did of Steak “N” Ale’s. The Hawaiian Chicken and the Prime Rib were amazing, and I still crave them. I started working for SNA ‘cuz my parents ate there all the time when I was a teen. My mom loved it!! Anyway, mom is coming to town and I want to surprise her with Hawaiian Chicken. I remember the recipe in larger amounts, but this seems dead on to me. Well done, Red Dirt

    1. I am looking for the recipe for Steak and Ale’s Ranch Salad Dressing! It is also called the house dressing. It’s labelled “Original Hidden Valley” but the bottle or dry mix isn’t he same. It is for a special event for a huge fan! I have been looking all over for it. I read that it was mixed in the kitchens. Please help!

    2. I am looking for the recipe for Steak and Ale’s Ranch Salad Dressing! It is also called the house dressing. It’s labelled “Original Hidden Valley” but the bottle or dry mix isn’t he same. It is for a special event for a huge fan! I have been looking all over for it. I read that it was mixed in the kitchens. Please help!

  23. I went to work as busboy in1968 in houston tx. at the fourth S.&Ale ever opened,part of my job was to make all the marinades ,salad dressings,croutons,et. al. The original kensington club & chicken recipe were the same thing,it was unsweetened dole pineapple juice,kikkoman soy sauce, pale dry sherry, sugar,apple cider vinegar and granulated garlic-thats it.I also cooked the first lunch ever served,first order of sauteed mushrooms and prime rib,I worked at the s&a across the street from the Astrodome thr night before Elvis Presley performed there,I cooked 854 steaks to order that night and only had 2 returned for being under cooked! not bad! I still make all these recipes, especially the blue cheese dressingthat yoy could cut with a fork after it was refridgerated over night,the best I’ve ever tasted,if anyone ever wants to sespond please E-mail me. L.L.Strobel

    1. I use to love S & A’s thousand island dressing. Did they make it or was it purchased.

      1. I used to work in National Accounts. All their dressings except their House blend were made and packed FOR Steak and Ale. They mixed the House (ranch) in their own kitchens.

      1. HI , I just found it in my husbands Steak and ale recipe book. hope it works for you and FOR ME. THIS

        1. ok here we go.. doesn’t seem right to me, but it is in the True S & A recipe book.
          for one gallon
          2 lbs bleu cheese crumbles
          1/2 gallon mayo
          vegetable oil, sorry hole puncher punched out the amount we’re screwed
          1/2 cup water ??
          3/4 cup cider vinegar
          2 tsp dry mustard
          1 tsp salt
          1 tsp white pepper

          marinate 12 hours I have added a tsp of minced onion and a little Worcestershire , also some garlic and my BF loved it … anyhow, best I can do … : ) the vegetable oil does have an s at the end of cup so I am assuming its 1 and 1/2 or 2 cups of oil all I know is it was delicious but sure doesn’t seem like a lot of interesting ingredients

          1. Darlene – you are a JOY. Thanks so much for your communication, thoughts and recipe! Take care, Red Dirt Kelly

          2. AWESOME!! Thanks Darlene (hee hee got your name right this time). I can’t wait to try it. Will just put a smaller amount of the oil & water then adjust.

            THANK YOU!! Yummm

    2. I would love to have the beef tips recipe that was served with a yellow rice. Thanking you in advance.

      1. Hi, Cathy – so would I! Unfortunately, my friend did not share that recipe. I do hope you find it. Good luck! ~ RDK

      2. would that skillet of beef??
        2 1/2 lbs meat
        3 1/4 cups tomatoes in juice , fancy
        3/4 tsp granulated garlic
        black pepper 3/4 tsp
        1 tbs Worcestershire
        2 tbs beef base
        3/4 cup burgundy wine
        7 tbs flour all purpose
        3/4 cup water + 2 tbs
        mushrooms 4 oz slice
        yellow Spanish onions 1 1/2 cups dice
        green bell pepper 1 cup dice
        vegetable oil 1/4 cup

        wash and cut vegetables , drain juice from tomatoes into a clean container. reserve drained tomatoes. measure and combine with (reserved ) tomato juice , garlic, beef base, pepper, worchestershire and burgundy wine. stir to dissolve.

        heat vegetables on stove til very hot. drain meat and put in hot oil and brown til pink is gone from exterior, about a minute over high heat. add tomato juice and spice mixture to meat. stir and bring to boil. Immediately reduce heat to med-low and simmer for 5 minutes. do not over cook.

        while meat is simmering , mix flour and cold water in a container and whisk until smooth. strain to remove lumps.
        constantly stir, slowly add the wash (flour and water ) and bring to boil . add the cut vegetables , drained tomatoes and mix well. Bring back to boil, reduce to medium and simmer for 5 minutes.. ok that’s it. hope that’s what you were looking for.. : )

    3. I have been looking for the recipe or brand of the Steak & Ale Ranch Salad Dressing for years. A family member used to be obsessed with it and we would like to surprise her and have it for a special occasion! I have researched and contacted anyone I could find!!! I am willing trade recipes or send whatever you need!!! OMG she will be so happy! I have tried all Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings and cannot find the exact taste! Please help me!
      Thank you!

    4. Larry,

      Don’t have your email address but would love to find out some of the Steak and Ale recipes. Their blue cheese dressing was absolutely the best I have ever had. Thank you!

    5. I grew up eating at Steak and Ale – Houston off the the Gulf Freeway across from Gulfgate Mall. I remember menu on the meat cleavers…one night there was a man (drunk) trying to shove one down his pants to steal…my dad busted him…we got our meal free that night…I only ever ate the Kensington Club with the Burgundy Mushrooms and salad with Thousand Island Dressing…I have been able to recreate the the marinade and mushrooms but not the dressing…would you share the Thousand Island dressing recipe? If not I do understand…thanks for your time.

      1. I will give you the recipe …… give me a few minutes . : ) NOw don’t scream………….

        1 quart diced celery
        1 quart diced onions
        1 # 10 can chili sauce ( ?)
        damn the hole puncher punced out the amounts again, sorry but its pickle relish sweet , it says quarts but how many I do not know.
        and gallons of mayo , again the danged hole puncher

        marinate 12 hours to mix flavors
        now it says it makes 6 gallons, WHOA !!! so maybe you can figure out the amount of relish and mayonnaise, but of course you will want to cut this recipe back…. : )

          1. Darlene there was also a Sizzling Cabernet Strip Steak. It was also a super winner. Served on a small iron skillet with the Cabernet sauce poured over the steak on the hot skillet just as they brought it out to us. Oh MY!! I can still smell that. Would you or anyone else have that recipe? 🙂

        1. I have the blackened chicken recipe , ( IF THAT IS WHAT you want ) I make it all the time… the mushroom mix was ordered already made from Sysco I think, made by wakefield and I researched and can not find how to order . COZ I SURELY WOULD … and I am not familiar with osso bucco and I ate there for 10 years. how did I miss that one??

          1. Yes I think it was a blackened chicken. Stuffed shroom…Oh yes, I would order some as well. 🙂 Yummm
            Sorry you missed on the Osso Bucco, They did not have it here long. Must have been an expense thing. It can prepackage so must heat & serve, but WOW knock your socks off. I was told that they used port shanks instead of veal. I think I found a recipe that sounds really close. I will try that soon also. Served over mashed potatoes.


          2. Darlene I looked back on site: ” darlene said
            DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 12:18 PM
            I have the blackened chicken recipe , ( IF THAT IS WHAT you want ) I make it all the time…”

            Did I miss where you posted recipe? Would love it.

    6. Hi,
      My husband was a general mgr for S & A and actually died in a robbery there in Fort Worth.. I loved their bleu cheese dressing and always hated it before theirs… I have some of the actual recipes from his recipe book, but not the dressing.. and wish I knew how to make the stuffed mushrooms. but I believe they actualy odered the stuffing from the food supplier. (what was their name??? ) any help , most appreciated. I sure do miss steak and ale, the best food anywhere : )

    7. and my husband worked that steak and ale for a short time . and the one off 59 at shepherd and baybrook and ….. well youknow how it goes… also Conroe …… ok then would love the bleu cheese recipe .. thanks : )

  24. I myself worked at a Steak & Ale for several years as part of the service staff. The nice thing about this marinade is that it was actually used in three dishes, two of which were the chicken dressed differently.

    If you grilled the chicken and topped it with a slice of grilled pineapple, you had the Hawaiian Chicken. If, however, you topped the grilled chicken with a slice of provolone, diced tomatoes, shredded colby and green onions, you had the Southwest Chicken.

    Actually, a lot of clone recipes I’ve found confuse the two, calling it Hawaiian chicken but telling you to top it with provolone (or more inaccurately, munster) and melt under a broiler but neglected the colby, tomatoes and green onions. The Hawaiian had no cheese and the cheese on the Southwest was not melted but only softened by the latent heat of the freshly cooked chicken and the holding lamp.

    Finally, if you soaked a 7 oz sirloin in the marinade and grilled it, you had my favorite steak: The Kensington Club. Of course, if you’re playing the home game, you can try it on a different cut. I’m eventually planning on trying it on a ham steak.

    1. I have been looking for the recipe or brand of the Steak & Ale Ranch Salad Dressing for years. A family member used to be obsessed with it and we would like to surprise her and have it for a special occasion! I have researched and contacted anyone I could find!!! I am willing trade recipes or send whatever you need!!! OMG she will be so happy! I have tried all Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings and cannot find the exact taste! Please help me!
      Thank you!

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