You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

I just got an e-mail from someone who has been a member of our church since before I began attending there, and I’ve been going to the same church for 26 years.  Jerry Radar is a friend of mine, he’s in my Sunday School class. I went to church camp with his children and played in the praise band with his grandson.  Jerry Radar lost his first wife to cancer about five years ago, and remarried about two years ago.  He married someone he had known from his own Bible college days.  She happens to have a son who is physically disabled, possibly from cerebral palsy.  I’ve never asked.  All I know is that I watch his wife patiently work with her adult, disabled son every single Sunday.  And, I’ve heard Jerry’s voice shake with emotion just the tiniest bit when he talks about the extraordinary patience and love his wife has for her son.  These are good people, and this is why something is now “Grinding My Gears.”

I’ll just let his message speak for itself.  I’m publishing it in the Red Dirt Chronicles because it’s a local problem, and can be the receipt of a local solution: you.



Request from Jerry and Jan Rader

The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled is a charitable organization that provides daily adult care and services for about 80 clients who are mentally and physically disabled. Greg Prough, son of Jerry and Jan Rader of CHCC, goes to the Foundation every day. Channel 9 news reported that over the weekend, vandals removed wheels and tires from many of the busses and vans that are used to pickup and deliver the clients to their homes and also to various activities for those who are able to go. The dollar damage to the vehicles was about Ten Thousand dollars. Funds were already very tight, and also with the reductions of state funds recently, this has caused an unplanned burden on the foundation.

If you would be able to help the foundation financially, any amount would be appreciated and also be tax deductible. Much more information is available on their web site: The mailing address is:


8421 North Walker

Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Or donate thru the website.

Thank you

   Jerry and Jan