An Event We Think You’ll Appreciate: The Red Barn Boutique!

Kellie Ebert chats with me about the upcoming Red Barn Boutique sale. We were eating lunch at Cafe' Bella in downtown Stillwater and I highly recommend their hummus! But even more...I recommend grabbing all your friends and showing up at the Red Barn Boutique for a day of fun and rummaging. Seriously.

Here is a “cool things about Oklahoma” list that I keep in my head…

1) Creativity

2) Ingenuity

3) Ability to make much from very little

4) Warm and endearing people

5) Activities of which you want to be a part

…and on, and on and on.  So, when I had lunch with Kellie Ebert, (half of the “Red Barn Boutique [RBB]” team) in August to talk about their upcoming Fall Sale, all I had to do was double check my list.  Yes, yes…yes, and…yes.

Click this photo to be taken to the Red Barn Boutique their great video!

All the good things about Oklahoma are wrapped up into an extra-comfy-funtimes sale that happens in Stillwater two times each year.  And, I think this is the year you should go check it out.  I sat with Kellie for about an hour listening to the story of how the Red Barn Boutique came to be.  However, if you simply click on this photo of the RBB team, you’ll be taken to their website.

On the front page, you can hear the story for yourself…and sometimes I just think it’s a little better to hear it from the source, rather than reading it second-hand.  Also, I recorded the whole interview then accidentally deleted my audio file.  So, I DEFINITELY think you should check out the video on the front page of their website!

One thing you might miss on the video, however, is the twinkle in Kellie Ebert and Kylie Vincent’s eyes as well as their beautiful smiles when they talk about RBB and all the adventures they’ve had finding inventory. You’ll have to see their smiles up close when you meet them at the sale.  They’ve looked through attics, barns, in other junk shops, on property that’s been abandoned and wherever the next “story about someone having something they might like” takes them.  And, sparkles in their eyes are what keep them going – the ladies have a passion for what they do.

The sale has been extended to FOUR days now, so mark your calendars for an “essential thing” on October 6-9th. Click HERE for the times they’re open each day.  And, click HERE for directions…we don’t want you to get lost!

Finally, if we had to recommend a particular time and date, we’d say – go for opening night.  There will be delicious food for a great price, music, and all sorts of fun when they cut the rope and say, “Go!” to get the best deals first.

Need more convincing?  How about we finish our post with photos of past years?  I hope to see you there!


…make sure and tell them “the RDC sends happy thoughts” when you see Kylie Vincent and Kellie Ebert!



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