On the Horizon: Things are Bigger in Texas (and the “Neighboring State” effect)

Funny how a little rain can make all the difference in how things look. It’s been so dry that even the well-watered plants around the house have been looking a little thirsty. But if you think it’s been dry here, just head south to Texas. I was there in September and the leaves were already falling from the severe drought they have been dealing with.

So while we have been dry, they are parched, which has just exacerbated what has been a growing problem for the Lone Star State…lots of people and not enough water for them. In this week’s video blog we take a closer look at Texas’ thirst and the implications that could have on Oklahoma’s water supplies.

~Rob McClendon




2 thoughts on “On the Horizon: Things are Bigger in Texas (and the “Neighboring State” effect)”

  1. Its in relationship to populations, traditionally families had 5- 8 – 10 kids but that was cut back when farms were no longer profitable & manual labor became industrialized. Tie that to farms producing food for millions and the compounded issue of daily illegal border crossings. whose population is still traditionally 4- 5 kids consuming resources daily, they come over here and go berserk with the abundance and the availability of clean water and food with out standing in line for health care, this will cost every one in the nation on a whole if we cant’ teach the next generation these are not infinite resources and miss managing them will undoubtedly turn us backwards as a progressive society, that’s why there are leaving there, and coming over here. This will fowl up our resources they don’t want to stay & fight & better their country they luv so much. Its easier for them to contribute to making ours to expensive to live and then where will we all go? We’ve historically already crossed ocean’s leaving a tyrannically lordship to ease our burden of taxes to buy services and goods so our money will buy more……when will we ever learn. Whatever Nation that can boast and attest to having More isn’t a statement as to the quality of a society, it is arrogance that precedes the ruination of just about every civilization in the past. We continue to be ignorant about urbanization with the influx of aliens, except in places like California where 30 years ago they had a insight of what was coming and they have since then tried to keep up with the demand, mandating water be funneled from the Rockies and three other states and look at them now. Oh ya they have so much more than Texas and Oklahoma.

  2. These stories scare me because I have family in Texas but I want Oklahoma to keep their water. How do we know Oklahoma can keep winning court battles? At what point do state’s rights get trumped by the right to live in other states? So, this is Texas but how is our water here? How bad is it in Oklahoma? Sorry for all the worry…I just wonder about the answers to these questions.

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