“Red Dirt Dining” and “Red Dirt Dives” ~ What’s the Difference?

“Great minds think alike,” right?  Well, that seems to be the situation for at least a couple of issues here at the Red Dirt Chronicles.  Let’s take food reviews, for example.

We’ve been doing eating establishment reviews since our inception.  We have ten restaurant reviews in various parts of the state archived now, as well as posted on the Oklahoma Urban Spoon website.  These restaurant reviews get readership every day because people are out there, driving around in our state, looking for a great place to eat.  Makes sense, right?  We also created, however, a series called Red Dirt Dives.

In February of this year, we rolled out our first Red Dirt Dives post with a commentary on Railhead BBQ in Guthrie.  Next was The Rock restaurant in Stroud.  Our Red Dirt Dives series creator is now working on a piece  about a “dive” in Perkins she enjoyed.  And, we have another contributor who wishes to be a part of this series as well.

However, about 6-8 weeks ago, Channel 9 News rolled out a series called “Red Dirt Dining.” Amanda Taylor is the host and the premise of their series is to put on video what we’ve been putting in writing.  Are you starting to see why some people are confused?  Let me add to the confusion just a bit more…

In Oklahoma there is a Red Dirt Cafe (in the books, but now out of business).  And, you’ll never believe just how many things can get mixed together on a Google search when it comes to Red Dirt and food in Oklahoma.  Or maybe you will…

Regardless, I thought perhaps we should publish this post because now we’re beginning to get mail (for Amanda) suggesting places Channel 9 News should cover for their fourth Red Dirt Dive feature…I mean Dining… wait – what??

What I mean is…right now, we’re just going to continue what we do and how we’ve been doing it until “something has to give.”  Hopefully that won’t happen.  But if it does, we’ll let you know.

Situations like this aren’t uncommon.  We found out a couple of months ago that although we’ve been running a series called “The Imaginary Family Project,” which is really cool by the way, since January there is now a potentially confusing situation with This Land Press.

Evidently, just about the time we had completed our first quarter of Imaginary Family project posts, This Land Press created a series they call “Imaginary Oklahoma.” They describe their project as : “Stories will also be paired with spectacular illustrations from an equally impressive array of contributors…”  In other words, they’re putting together a story with a photo to create new fiction and are using zazzy adjectives to entice the readers to check it out.  Hmm.  If you wondered, “Hey, isn’t that exactly like your Imaginary Family project?  And, isn’t it a little weird that they used the word ‘Imaginary’ in the title?” we certainly understand your questions.

But honestly?  We don’t know if it’s weird.  When you live in a state full of creative people who care about their state, things happen.  “Red Dirt Dining” features sound like a good idea.  “Imaginary…” whatever might be cool.  Frankly, we just don’t have the manpower to even check out whether there are conflicts.  So, we’re giving Channel 9 News, This Land Press, and any other entity who has a mission to promote Oklahoma support and wishing them well.

We feel good about our work we produce, we appreciate our readers, and right now we feel there isn’t any “harm” in either of these situations.  In fact, there might just be “good.”

However, if we ever do change our mind and feel things are getting confusing, we will certainly let you know.  Until then?  We’ll keep forwarding e-mail to the Red Dirt Dining crew. And welcoming their readers to our site.  And, should some This Land Press reader accidentally pull up an Imaginary Family Project story, then they’ll just get to read some cool stuff.

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2 thoughts on ““Red Dirt Dining” and “Red Dirt Dives” ~ What’s the Difference?”

  1. I certainly understand the confusion since Amanda’s series too! I get calls daily in the office here from all ages, young to the sweet eldrly asking if they can swing by and pick up some Fried green tomatoes they saw on the T.V. or the yummy Fried pies they want to sink their teeth into! Unfortuantly we are a food broker company that supplies food to restaurants/hospitals/schools/prisons/etc in conjunction with the distributors Ben E. Keith/USFS/Sysco on the foodservice side of things… I have extended my native Oklahoman genorosity of looking up the diner that does sell the delicious fried green tomatoes or fried pies and give them directions to purchase these delightful treats!!! I just came accross your site today adn was very happy to find “Red Dirt” family 🙂

    1. Ashlee – – that’s really funny. I’m very familiar with the institutional food service industry, and of what a food broker is! My husband has worked for USFS for 25 years, and I used to work in National Accounts! Bless you for your “native Okie generosity” and new “Red Dirt restaurant information services” (smile). BTW – now you’ve made me hungry for fried green tomatoes! Best wishes in your business! ~ Red Dirt Kelly

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