Rustic or Refined, Oklahoma Soap Makers Are Something Special

Soaps by Colleen Thornton, Farmer and Owner of Heaven Sent Food and Fiber

I’ve always loved a really good bar of soap.  I have been rummaging around the soap shelves and “close out” sections of Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, Ross Dress for Less, and any other nook or cranny where there is a happenstance possibility of finding an imported, French-milled box of soaps for years.  And, when I find a box of Shea Butter, Lavender, or Evelyn and Crabtree triple milled Goat Milk soap – well, I just stand there and sniff it for a while.  Then, I take it home and wait until my previous bar is all gone.  Days when I get to open a new bar of soap are days where my happiness factor is multiplied many times.

Colleen Thornton with one of her little "babies."

I had one of those days…times about ten a few weeks ago when a box from Heaven Sent Food and Fiber arrived, full of soaps.  Colleen Thornton, the soap maker and owner of the company, had sent them my way.  We gave away four bars on our Facebook page last week, and I played with the remaining treasures.  Here’s a quick idea if you want to give Oklahoma-made soaps away as special hostess or holiday gifts…

All you'll need is some clear wrap, some fun stickers, and tissue paper in your favorite colors.
Next, simply unpackage the soaps, wrap them in clear wrap (this helps the scents stay pure and not get mixed up with other scents you might choose to put in the same package), and if you wish you can include the label by re-affixing it to the clear wrap. I did this because I want those receiving my gift to know the fragrance and where the soap was made.
Next, simply cut appropriately sized squares or circles and wrap the soaps. I try to use only one piece of tape on the back. Once they are neatly wrapped, flip them over and put whatever kind of sticker you like on the front. I love these flowers. IS fall, and perhaps you'd like to give your friend an autumn gift?
Here I've made a bowl with Halloween stickers, Western style stickers, and the other two I mentioned.
And, here's that same dish full of soaps wrapped just with the flowers.

Okay, enough about giving soap as gifts.  Let’s talk about the soap makers themselves.  I’m including in this post my two favorite Oklahoma soap makers.  I highlighted Colleen’s soaps from Heaven Sent because they are a nice size, a great quality, she chooses lovely scents and they have a nice rustic appearance to them.  I just washed my face with a bar of Rosemary Mint and it feels so fresh and clean! They’re made with goat’s milk and honey…and they’re dreamy.  One last thought – I also recommend the Patchouli.  It’s really a wonderful deeply spicy smell that doesn’t have that oily after-scent you find in some patchouli oils around town.

For a more refined or “boudoir” look (most all their soaps are white or light colored), I love Heather’s Earth soaps.  I keep a bar of “Lemongrass Basil Verbena” in my shower.  Sometimes when I’m driving to work, I lift my forearm up to my face and breathe deeply.  Forget “Coast” soap…forget any soap made from some factory twenty states away! Try, instead, soaps made right here in Oklahoma.  And, please don’t tell anyone…but I LOVE Heather’s Earth “Man Bar” (cloves and cinnamon).  Every time I find them at the farmer’s market, I go back and smell them twice.  I think I’m going to cave and just say, “They’re for my husband.”  But they won’t be…they’ll be for ME!

I got this photo from the Heather's Earth Facebook page. Their bars are rectangular and you can tell by the photo the colors are a little lighter.

I was talking my brother the other day, and found out we both like the “mint spectrum” soaps.  Spearmint is a great way to have a refreshing scent fill your airways when washing your hands, face, or cleaning up in the shower.

One thing’s for sure…when “cleaning up” in Oklahoma, there are quite a few possibilities thanks to our local soap makers.  I do hope you check out Colleen’s Goat’s Milk soaps, or find Heather’s Earth soaps at the OSU OKC Farmer’s market (or contact them via their Facebook page).

I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite soap-y scent, and whether or not you have tried soaps made from Oklahoma soap makers!




5 thoughts on “Rustic or Refined, Oklahoma Soap Makers Are Something Special”

  1. I tried these soaps and had an open sore on my foot and ended up getting an infection! My doctor told me it could have possibly and probably was the soap due to poor regulations in the making of the product. I was hospitalized for several days with an infection that was difficult to treat. I will not be using any more soap products that are made in people’s homes without strict regulations.

    1. Dear Dianne:

      That’s a terribly unfortunate situation! Do you recall WHICH soaps and WHAT soapmaker you used? That would be very important for us to know! I’ve never heard of such a thing!

      Thanks – Red Dirt Kelly

  2. the OSU-OKC farmer’s market is open year round…..12 months….right now it’s winter hours 10 am to 1 pm….and we still have lots of produce…..and organic poultry, eggs, beef, and buffalo……

  3. you just feel free to come in and get your own bar….we actually have several women that use it……for those that don’t know, man bar is a combination body and shampoo bar…..and today, 11/5, we have pineapple sage man bar…..thanks for your mentions….we love your words…..

    1. Thanks, Lillie! You’ve talked me into it! I need to see how long we’ve got left for Farmer’s Market season…I may be running out of time!

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