Like an Old Married Couple…

Sam Presti is going to the Home Depot.  I don’t know what time they open, but the Thunder GM is likely perusing the circular for David Stern’s recently announced post Lockout “Buy Now Pay Later” free agent sale.

"Young pup," Sam Presti - OKC Thunder General Manager, image by NewsOK.

It was not that long ago that Presti, the young pup that he is, sat on the sofa listening to old Poppa NBA and the trophy wife Momma Players Association fighting like there was no tomorrow.  Presti’s siblings, the NBA fans, sat and cried next to him while Momma and Poppa called each other every name in the book and yelled that the love was gone, likely forever.

Then, cooler heads prevailed.  You see, Mom and Pop remembered what it was that brought them together in the first place.  Was it love?  Not hardly.  You see, the kids control the trust fund, and without the family staying together and the kiddos seeing the old couple playing kissie kissie nice, there ain’t no money for nobody.

So, here we are.  A new Route 66 lies before us, courtesy of the proposed reduced game reconciliation schedule.

Will we, the kids, agree to go along for the ride?  I assume we will.  Why?  I don’t really know.  Pops is all about practicality, but Momma is kinda fun to watch once the party gets loud.

Thunder Up.

The metaphorical "Poppa and Mama" of this post ~ NBA Commissioner David Stern with NBA Players Union Leader, Billy Hunter. Image by TheMajors.Net.