My Little Victory Garden, 2011: Goodbye…and Salt, Pepper, Oil

My radishes look quasi-ready to harvest, my green onions keep things fresh in my kitchen, my spinach and lettuce are playing tag with the freezing weather…and I realized I probably need to shut down our My Little Victory Garden posts.  Why?  My garden is basically taking a nap, and although my cooking with local vegetables will continue as long as I can find them, I thought this series could use some rest.

Okay, I could use some rest from this series.  There, I said it.  Before I sign off until next Spring, however, I thought I would share with you the secret that keeps amazing me time and again.  What is that, you ask?  Well, it’s the secret that to eat well, you usually only need salt, pepper and oil.

Oh sure, saffron or special fillers are always a great thing, but for me – if I had to choose a day in and day out routine – it would be none other than delicious food from the Earth, barely enhanced with salt, pepper and oil (SPO).  Here’s an example…

Bok Choy grown in the Tulsa area (Yang Farm), with chili-oil, salt and pepper.

Local sweet potatoes, with olive oil and pepper. (No salt…let the sweet come through!)

Arkansas rice, Tulsa area bean sprouts, and my own green onions. Oil, salt and pepper.

That’s it.  The best flavors of Oklahoma (and Arkansas) on a plate with nothing other than three-ingredient recipes.

How much do you cook with only those three ingredients?  I think I’ve probably tripled my SPO cooking in just this past year.  Things are just so good!

And, gardening is good.  And eating your own food is good.

I want to thank you for following along with My Little Victory Garden this year.  Please let me know if you start growing next year, what you’re planting, how you decided your choices, and any success or failure stories!  Until then, I’ll be hunkering down for the winter, eating the greens I manage to grow and working on my soil to have an even better year in 2012.

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3 thoughts on “My Little Victory Garden, 2011: Goodbye…and Salt, Pepper, Oil”

  1. Gorgeous, hunger-inducing photos. I’d never thought of it, but you’re so right…salt, pepper, and good oil. Simple. That’s about we tend to use most days too.
    Looking forward to more Victor Garden posts in the springtime! I’ve got soil prep underway here and am itching to plant!

  2. My Mom can turn a twig into a blooming bush and grow anything under the sun. I did not inherent this skill. But this year to make up for it I joined a CSA. My first pick up is this weekend and I can’t wait to taste the delicious, local fare! I will remember your tip of salt, pepper and oil for my fresh veggies.

    1. Hello, Danielle! I love your star icon. Your mother sounds gifted, but if you’re willing to try new things…AND join a CSA, then I’ll bet you’ve got what it takes to truly enjoy your local flair. Good luck with your SPO cooking! ~ RDK

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