Red Dirt Kelly Says: “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Oklahoma”

Number Ten: Spotting a real, live princess in an autumn Oklahoma pumpkin patch is a frequent occurrence. Photo by Rachel Apple.

Number 9: The spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty AND the fruited plain can all be found within our boundaries.

Number 8: With 12 level III ecoregions and 46 level IV ecoregions, boredom is NOT an option.

Mt. Scott, Wichita Mountain Range, Southwestern Oklahoma - Photo by Beau Wade, an Oklahoman photographer:

Number 7: A splash of Will Rogers, a measure of C&W, toss in some Red Dirt music and an acoustic hoe-down here and there, a few farms and ranches, a bucking broncho or two, the Lazy E, longhorns, buffalo, boot and saddle makers and harvest time = HCWE! (Hard Core Western Experience)

Bucking broncho sculpture by noted Oklahoma artist Harold Holden, placed on the NWOSU campus in Alva, OK in 2007. Photo by Becky McCray

Number 6: SPORTS! Sports-sports-sports-sports-SPORTS! Thunder, Drillers, Redhawks, Sooners, Cowboys, Golden Hurricane’s, Redhawks, 66ers, Oilers, Golden Eagles, Barons…AAAAHHH!!!!

"Last Call" drawing by T. Pendleton, published by NewsOk.Com

Number 5: Oklahoma is a Festival-Crazy-Kind-Of-Place…basically, a year ’round Fun Fest.

Number 4: This is my list, so I’m calling it like I see it – Oklahoma has bangin’ universities. Hey, Oklahoma Higher Education…You Rock. Hard!

Oklahoma State University Library, home of a good portion of the Oklahoma Historical Archives. Photo by Jose Joseph, 2005.

Number 3: The people in Oklahoma are resilient beyond measure.

Number 2: The Arts in Oklahoma are transformative and brilliant. The museums, a dedication to all that we are.

And, the Number 1 reason I love Oklahoma…

I was born here.  Oklahoma is in my DNA and I view that DNA with every Oklahoma sunrise, and every Oklahoma drop-dead-gorgeous sunset.  And for that, I’m eternally thankful.

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City, photo by amateur photographer "VeryNewToThis" on Flickr.Com



4 thoughts on “Red Dirt Kelly Says: “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Oklahoma””

  1. Oh, Oklahoma! Thanks for a great post. I live in a different state now, but I still miss the beauty and majesty of my home. It’s hard to describe to non-natives what the fuss is all about. It’s everything you said and more!

    1. Danielle – thanks for checking in with us. I have no doubt that Oklahoma misses you just as much as you miss it! Take care, Red Dirt Kelly

  2. Hi, Rose! Yes…maybe even more because of those things. How can we appreciate what we have when it’s never threatened? Take care, RDK

  3. Hey Kelly,

    Somehow I missed this post last week and just read it. You brought tears to my eyes! Gorgeous photos, even more beautiful sentiment about our sweet little state. I feel blessed every single day to live here and enjoy her so much…even through heatwaves, tornadoes and earthquakes…or maybe even more because of those things. lol

    Rose 🙂

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