The 2011 Imaginary Family Project – Week 46

#46 of 52 : HER AUNT
Imaginary Family Project - Week 46

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The sun was bright but the air was cool as it blew in across the ocean.

Her feet were bare but there was no joy from the sand squishing her toes.  She recalled that feeling used to give her such joy, but that was a long time ago.

She’s older now but she doesn’t have much to show for all the wear and tear.  She’s tired and sat down but soon regretted it for the grit already made her uncomfortable.

She tried to not let her grump spread.  It’s not the beach’s fault.  It’s a great view, a lovely moment in time.  It is just a reminder such moments haven’t been too forthcoming lately.

Maybe it was her fault?

She was willing to shoulder some of the blame, but not everything that has happened to her was a fair cause and effect.  She was then annoyed with the whiney tone she had taken in her head.  She just let it go and then lay down.  She looked up at the clouds.  She remembered she used to do that too.


Calm did start to spread over her.  It was good to finally relax.  She was so weary of her travels.  Maybe this would be her last stop.  Okay that sounded a bit morbid.  She really needed to shake loose some.  Get the blood flowing.  Freeing the spirit some, let it get some air.

Ah the air, the breeze was so refreshing.  She loved the way it caressed her skin.


Blissful black overtook her.  No worries, no problems.  Nothing.  Free of everything was a nice change of pace.

But the sand wouldn’t let her escape for long.  She found herself sputtering and spitting the sand out of her mouth as she woke from her nap.  At least it was dark out now.

Dark!?!   She slept long enough for it to be night.  Not the smartest thing to do.  Ugh.  And she did have something rubbing her all wrong, everywhere.

She stood and shook the sand out as best she could.  She continued to shake out her hair as she walked back to the boardwalk.  Her annoyance easily banished any tranquil feelings she just had a moment ago.

Then the breeze flipped her hair up and it brought her focus back to the ocean.  The serenity of the shadowy waves drew back her calm.  How easy she let had let that escape.  And now she is over psycho-analyzing herself.  And there went the calm again!


Laughter filled the air as she shook from it.  She was her own worst enemy.  Ridiculous.  Without another thought, she walked back to the house.

And there was the old thing.  It looked better in daylight.  Oh well.

She had to take a few minutes to find the light switch.  And the light revealed a past she could barely remember.  There were pockets of memories of the times she spent with her Aunt.  She couldn’t remember her Uncle at all. But her Aunt always seemed happy.  Well that was a morbid jump in logic.

Her focus is grabbed again.  She saw picture sitting on the end table.  It’s her Aunt around the time she graduated.

Her Aunt looked happy.

The woman wanted to be happy.

Looking at the picture she realized she was trying too hard.  She was missing the obvious.  She had a new start and here she was trying to deny it.  Her Aunt gave her a good home.  The home welcomed her but she fought against it.   She was so used to get her back up, that it’s all she knew.

She laid on the couch to think better on how her life would change.


About The Author:
David Doub was an IT professional in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the past decade, but after several turns in his life he’s come back to his first love: comics. Come follow David’s journey as he tries to make it as a writer and publisher in the comics industry! The only companion with him on this journey is his cat, Jordan, who happens to like the taste of paper.

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The 2011 Imaginary Family Project is a year-long collective art endeavor coordinated by occasional amateur artist Quentin Bomgardner and co-sponsored by The Red Dirt Chronicles.  This project is based around “lost” vintage photographs, which have been acquired at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and eBay – heirloom collections, with no heir.  Every week a different author will “find” one photograph by creating an imagined history around one of its subjects.  At the end of the year, the collection will be compiled and presented as a group.

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  1. David – I love it when a male author helps bring a female character to life…and vice versa. It was a nice requiem, strolling along the beach with your lady. I’m glad her aunt left her the house…and I’m glad the photo worked for your story. ~ RDK

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