More Precious Than Rubies…The Stones, That Is

(Written last Saturday, the day of Nana Kay’s funeral)

This morning I realized I had a pork roast now on its fifth day in my meat drawer.   Still having snippets of last week’s “Pioneer Woman” cooking show in my head, I decided to make pulled pork. Sans the soda pop.  I cook my pork with a swagger.  In other words, I drown that sucker in beer.

Somewhere between the onions, cumin, red pepper and my bottle of Shiner Ruby Redbird, I wrestled with a moderate tinge of guilt.  I rectified the situation by confessing my sins to P-Dub over the Twitter-nets:

“I dearly love @thepioneerwoman but I cook my pulled pork in Shiner Ruby Redbird beer! #notsodapop

I had cleansed my cooking soul and finished that beautiful dish with a bang.  Suh-weet Maui Onion, that pork was delicious.  I wanted to savor at least five more mouthfuls but my heart was turned westward, toward our dear neighbor’s house.

“Nana Kay,” my next door neighbor’s mother, died two days ago.  Their last name is Red.  Sometimes I called Nana Kay my “Ruby Red Dress” when she wore Red. I have a photo of her sitting on her red scooter, rooting for her favorite football team – the University of Oklahoma Sooners. School colors on her sweatshirt?  Red and white, of course. And, she was wearing red lipstick and rouge.  The oxygen tubes assisting her breathing were constant reminders that she wasn’t well.

I’m going to miss Nana Kay, and I’m sure my next door neighbors are heartbroken right now.

So, I decided to take them some pulled pork, cooked in Shiner Ruby REDbird beer. I searched my cabinets for a disposable container with a red lid.  I was packing up half of the pulled pork into a container for the Reds when I received a text notice.  I checked my phone.  It was P-Dub.  She had Tweeted:

@RedDirtKelly I dearly love you too, and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Then I forgot about my cooking and got excited. Suddenly becoming  thirteen years old I sent @thepioneerwoman two more messages for good measure. Then I wrestled with a moderate tinge of guilt having just committed cyber-overkill. 

I rectified THAT situation by re-reading the one message I got from P-Dub three more times.

That was this morning.  But now it’s “tonight.”

I had meandered into the kitchen, grabbed a Ruby Red Grapefruit and was halfway though preparing it for a snack when suddenly all the rubies and reds of the day culminated into a warm, crimson glow in my heart.  I silently thanked all my fellow man and woman-kind in Texas for that precious citrus fruit I enjoy every year about this time.  I silently told Nana Kay that I was going to miss her and I hoped she was okay.  And, I thought about the Red’s upcoming Valentine’s Day breakfast they always throw for the neighbors.

This year would be a little different, with one less Red around the table.

I cracked open a bottle of Shiner Ruby Redbird Beer, toasted Texas, P-Dub and Nana K, and headed to bed.

Sweet Dreams, Nana K.  I’ll think I’ll wear red lipstick tomorrow, just for you.







2 thoughts on “More Precious Than Rubies…The Stones, That Is”

  1. I totally get that way over comments from bloggers I really admire as well. Feel like posting your full recipe? I made pulled pork the other week but wasn’t a huge fan.

    1. Hello there! First of all, I LOVE that thumbnail shot of you and your dear baby. Secondly, I like our port w/o all the sugar many recipes use. So, here it is…approximately:
      1.5-2 pounds pork roast
      1 bottle of beer – I used Shiner Ruby Redbird
      approx 2 tsps sea salt; 1 tsp ground black pepper
      1 tsp of ground red pepper; 1-2 tsp brown mustard (prepared)
      2 tsp of cumin
      2 bay leaves; 3 cloves of garlic, chopped up
      1-2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar if you have it; 1-2 Tablespoons of brown sugar if you like a bit of sweet to your recipe.
      1 large onion, quartered.

      Spray your pan or cooking pot; put in the roast and the quartered onion. Sprinkle all ingredients except the beer over the roast. Lastly, pour the beer over the roast, cover with a lid or foil, and bake at 350 degrees for 3.5-4 hours. After 2 hours, flip your roast.

      This is absolutely delicious and I hope it works for you better than what you did before.

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