Paula Deen’s Got “The Sugah Diabeetus,” Y’all


Approximately 10 a.m. CST I logged in to Twitter on my laptop. I rarely check “trending” because I Tweet to connect with my local Okie, business, industry, agricultural and blogging contacts.

I was frowning because a local Tweet voice was at the same time feigning sympathy for a young girl who had wrecked her car while posting a photo of her misfortune.

“If you really felt sorry for her, you’d respect her privacy dude.” I was preaching to my PC screen.

Then I saw it. Someone connected to me had retweeted this message put out by The Daily:

Exclusive: , queen of Southern cooking, to reveal she has diabetes

I glanced over to “trending” and saw that “Paula Deen” was number one.

“What?” I did a mental double-take, considering the information.  I was still sorting through the news when I clicked on the trending link.  And then I wanted to throw up.  Here’s a sample of the truly low messages flying through Twitter-space today:

PaulaDeen to announce she has diabetes. She found out with a simple blood test. Dr pricked her finger, butterscotch oozed out.
I hope PaulaDeen starts deep frying things in insulin.
When she heard she had diabetes, PaulaDeen asked, “Does that come with a side of marshmallow and butter?”
Okay, that’s enough.  No, it’s probably too much. There is so much cruelty on Twitter right now regarding this topic I caught myself scooting over into the back corner of my chair, as if withdrawing a bit would help these messages go away.
Based upon reviewing a few reports, it appears that not only is Paula Deen announcing that she has Type II diabetes, but she has cut a deal to become the spokesperson for a diabetes drug called Novartis.
I also noticed several Tweets sharing Paula Deen recipes involving chili, cream cheese and cheese dip.  And another few having to do with dipping “pigs in the blanket” into something.  These were genuine, information sharing tweets that stood as silent witnesses to the world of sarcasm, diabetes and irony whirling around them.
More irony?  This one is close to home.  “Oklahoma City announces it’s lost one-million pounds.”  Residents of Oklahoma’s largest city just sent out the word that they have collectively now logged a one-million pound weight loss…and they’re really excited about it.  Mayor Mick Cornett led the campaign and he’s almost giddy about the results.  And he should be.
So, I’m sitting here thinking…can Paula Deen somehow raise awareness to our growing U.S. diabetes problem?  Will she “take back” some of her heavily-weighted recipes?  It appears that some have already started down that path.  Another Tweet…this time from The Food Network:
Learn how to lighten up ‘s recipes, y’all! Her son shows you how: .
Somehow, I feel extremely “weighted down” with all this information today.  How about you?  If you’d like to shed some of your thinking weight, let me know what you think about all this…and how, if at all, it affects you.





2 thoughts on “Paula Deen’s Got “The Sugah Diabeetus,” Y’all”

  1. I think what bothers me most about the story is that after making a name for herself with good old-fashioned Southern cookin’, full of sugar and butter and lard, oh my, she’s now going to be the face of Novartis. Why not be the spokesperson for collard greens? Well, because collard green growers don’t have an advertising budget. I wish her well, but I also wish she weren’t cashing it in.

    1. Debbie, I can see your point. Why represent the band-aid, rather than the cure? Interesting…

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