At the end of this post, you’ll find a photo of Julianna. She was one of my students during her undergraduate years.

She then decided to serve her internship in Oaxaca, Mexico doing really cool work for an important program that served needs in that area.

Then she became a marriage and family therapy student; I filled in as Interim Clinical Director for that program over the course of a few months. I also supervised the students for about two years while they grew into new professional therapists.

Then I began working with her side by side in order to provide a portion of the services provided in couples retreats for vulnerable and stressed populations.

Then she became one of our RDC contributors, writing a series called the “Not So Newlyweds.” Julianna is an excellent writer. She’s better than me when it comes to constructing sentences, form, consideration of her subject, etc. I love it that she’s a stronger writer than I…it makes our blog a better project.

So today, I was looking across the room at what is now my eighth year of providing couples services at these retreats, and there she was – looking over the first file and preparing for her session.

Julianna is a strong, beautiful and thoughtful woman…and I feel happy and sentimental to have watched her grow into that person.

Julianna – you’re extra cool.  And I just wanted you to know that I think so.