Silent Sunday 2/12/12: Birdnest in the Barn

Yesterday I was walking through the house I grew up in with my daughter.  She was recording memories I have of the various rooms within our home, and taking photos based upon that perspective.  Her completed project will include the same process with my brother, my mother and my father.

As we were walking through the barn, I was telling her a story about the electric fence barrier across the barn entrance.  We laughed, turned to head back to the house and saw this image shown in the photo above.  A small birds nest had been built in bottle racks used to hold the bottles when feeding baby calves.  A tiny feather on the nest fluttered in the wind as the racks gently swayed back and forth.  We had an exchange about the coolness of the image, she took this photo, and we went on our way.

Sweet “*Silent Sunday,” everyone.  Have a wonderful day.



*”Silent Sunday” is the term the contributors to the RDC use to describe our disengagement with social media on Sundays.  We don’t post Facebook messages or information, send tweets over our Twitter account, or deploy blog posts.  This one was constructed Saturday night, and scheduled to be released early Sunday morning.   Take care.