My Little Victory Garden: Al Eschbach, Radishes and Beer

I’m writing this post with a healthy dose of dirt under my fingernails.  I just came from my garden, having discovered that my newly planted lettuce is now in the sprout stage.  The chard and spinach remain elusive, but I’m hoping another few good weather days will influence them to come up as well.  Today’s work included planting carrots, peas and a multitude of red and yellow onions.  I was thinking about how this would be the first year I abstained from planting white onions when my next door neighbor wanders over and says hello:

“Hi, neighbor!”

“Hey friend, how ARE you this fine, fine Sunday afternoon?”

“Good, now that my onions are planted.  I have reds and whites, but no yellows.”

“Hmmmmm…I have reds and yellows, but no whites.”

“So, we’re trading white and yellows, then, right?”


This Sunday afternoon banter along the retention wall between our two properties is a constitutional tenet.  It’s as much a part of our female connection as the “Hi ho, neighbor!” call is between our husbands.  If we’re outside in the same vicinity, we speak. Or wave. Or nod.  Today we spoke.  But then, came something extra.

“I just pulled up the remainder of my winter garden and have too many radishes.  Would you like a few?”

Al Eschbach: Photo retrieved from The Lost Ogle, June 2, 2011 post.

My antennae rose as I thought about the possibilities.  “Sure!” I replied.  Then, “radishes…radishes…radishes…”  My mind quickly whirled while I considered the possibilities.  And then the answer came to me.  In the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to try Al Eschbach’s favorite food combination.  I surmised that TODAY must be that experimental opportunity.

I did some quick research to find out all the nuances I could about Eschabach’s food love and discovered a few things:

So, now I’m here in my kitchen washing my neighbor’s radishes and wondering what the heck this combination will provide my taste buds.  I cleaned the radishes, grabbed a frosted mug from our freezer selected a can of Coop Ale Works Horny Toad Cerveza.

Okay, I couldn’t put this off any longer.  If I’m going to drink beer, I like my mug frosted and my beer really cold.  Every second I hesitated was a second away from my standard.  Still unable to make myself try the combination, I decided I needed to grind some pepper and make a little pile of sea salt to season the radishes.

Okay, I could do this.  The salt and pepper were just what I needed.  I picked up a good sized chunk of radish, dipped it into a little of the salt and pepper reserves, tossed it in my mouth and took a swig of beer.

The beer was pretty good.  I crunched the radish a couple of times and swallowed everything together.  Hm.  Unlike a beer with salt and lime, there was no sour punch.  However, the mildly bitter radish flavor wasn’t unpleasant as a complement to the beer.  And, it was okay enough to try a second bite.

So I did.

My second try brought me this decision:  I think I like eating the chunk of radish, THEN washing it down with beer.  It’s less complicated, and works better somehow.  I finished off three or four more slices to make sure I had eaten at least one radish and drank at least one-third of the beer.

The combination was still just fine.  It didn’t get weird, and the longer I worked on it the easier it was for my brain to substitute what I normally like as a Mexican beer with salt and lime for the Oklahoma brew with Oklahoma radishes and seasonings.

Okay, Al.  This is actually alright.  In fact, if someone served this at their house I could eat and drink the combination willingly.  I’m still thinking about whether or not I would SEEK OUT the food/drink combo, but I can definitely say without hesitation, “It’s good.  And, I think it’s worthy of your own trial.”

 And THAT, my friends, is all My Little Victory Garden has for you today.  So, in the words of our famous WWLS Sportscaster Al Eschbach, “SEE YA!”



4 thoughts on “My Little Victory Garden: Al Eschbach, Radishes and Beer”

    1. Wendy – I’m so pleased you stopped by the RDC, and especially pleased that we see eye-to-eye on the free veggies and beer thingy 🙂 Have a good one!

  1. That’s fascinating… I have yellows and whites but no reds! Who’s trading?

    Okay, fine, so I don’t really have yellows or whites. I don’t have an onion garden at all, actually. But it sounds awesome to have one!

    1. Dear NYer, Fascinating! Why? I have about 30 yellow bulbs left. Should you find yourself with a pot of dirt and some sunlight to spare, let me know and I’ll mail them to you post haste! ~ RDK

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