Terrifically-Horrific Supercell

Supercell photo by Alan Broerse, Storm Tracker and morning weather producer for News 9. This photo was captured southwest of Retrop, OK. I applied highlight separating filters so you could see the shape of the activity a little better. ~ RDK

I only get one Twitter-feed directly texted to my phone, and that’s from Gary England.  Therefore, when I hear a little whistle coming from my smartphone, it’s either a text from one of my family members or a weather alert.  Both are important.  Yesterday evening, it was weather alerts.

Throughout the afternoon, an intermittent message came through that activity was possible.  But as the 7:00 pm then 8:00 pm hour rolled around, realtime activity was being tracked within the Oklahoma borders, with more coming northward from Texas.

Alan Broerse, News 9 stormtracker, watched three tornadoes drop from this particular supercell and reports that it was “an awesome storm to be on…”  Well, I suppose that statement is a matter of perspective, but from someone highly trained to do this kind of thing, I’m sure it was.

It’s THAT time of the years, isn’t it?  I’m sure we’ll see much more of Alan’s work, Gary England, Val’s team, Rick Mitchell, Emily Sutton, Mike Morgan…and more. Hopefully, just not TOO much.

Read more about the work of Alan Broerse and the life of a Storm Tracker here.