Waterloo Road: Smalltown, America

These past few weeks have been early garden planting season.  I’ve been looking for a place closer to home because I’ve normally traveled down to NE OKC, or to Classen and NW Expressway for my seeds and bulbs.  I think there’s something more to be gained, however, from the experience of visiting small business feed stores, lumber yards and farm equipment niches.  I’m just fascinated with all the supplies an owner can cram into one of those stores, and I like being one of the only people shopping.  No crowds = happy me.

Enter Waterloo Road.  We were coming back from the vet a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a sign outside what appeared to be some sort of hardware store know for its nuts and bolts UK but now they are advertising onions and potatoes.

Well, of COURSE I targeted that place as my garden shopping site, and I’m so glad I did.

“The Korner” Hardware and Home Center was all I had hoped it would be, complete with a single, retirement-aged employee who had plenty of stories for the two customers in the store.

They had fresh eggs…AND hay or straw for sale.

There was a delightful rack of seed corn, peas, beans and okra.  I bought okra.  My husband and children count on okra.

There were all manner of potatoes and peanuts.  The potatoes are mix and match, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them separated.

And, my personal favorite – “Last year’s seeds: 50% off!”

But, that’s not all you get when you take a cruise down Waterloo road.  The road is really a long, skinny town all on it’s own.  Designated as the County Line between north Oklahoma County and south Logan County, multiple businesses have cropped up and thrived over the years.  There are churches…

Eating establishments…

And even local creative flair.  I smile every time I drive by the “Hooterville” homemade water tower.

These little trips are why I avoid city shopping when it comes to garden supplies.  There are just WAY too many things to see to give that habit up any time soon.




4 thoughts on “Waterloo Road: Smalltown, America”

  1. I love going to garden feed stores and loved seeing your photos of a new one. I don’t have much need to go to feed stores but I feel a strong pull every time to park and check out all the possibilities they hold – if I only lived in a different place! I especially love the bulletin boards.

  2. A. I know the shop at Classen & NW expressway!! Love Horn Seed, my very first garden shop love in fact. But I agree with you about frequenting small, close to home places when possible…
    B. Looks like you found a gem! I loved the basket of “last year’s seeds” 50% off!! LOL
    C. I think you know how excited I am to watch you little victory garden grow this year. Best wishes RDK!!


    1. Marie – I love Horn Seed too! I could get lost in that store – so many possibilities! Thanks for your smiles and wishes! XoXo back to you, RDK

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