Good News: Announcing Our Partnership With “Oklahoma Facts”

Editor’s Note:  Since this article was written, Oklahoma Facts changed their platform.  Rather than recode our website, we decided to remove it from our masthead but can point you to this Facebook location where you can find updates: OKLAHOMA FACTS ~  You can also find their link on our “suggested links” at the lower right-hand corner of our site. Thanks, RDK


About six months ago, I started noticing a few cool trivia tidbits blipping over the Twitter radar.  They were put out by an entity called, “Oklahoma Facts.”

As I monitored them, I continued to think things like: “That sounds like something I would put out myself to our readers,” or “I’m glad they’re doing this kind of thing.”

So, I called them and spoke with their founder, Tim Berry.  Who is Tim Berry, you might ask?  Well, I have the answer for you providing by the dude himself:

“Tim Berry is a fourth generation Oklahoman.  His great-grandfather was the first of his family born in Colbert, Indian Territory.  Tim was raised in Poteau, OK and received his B.A. in History from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah.  He started Oklahoma Facts in August of 2011.  With the help of high school friend Jason Green, the Oklahoma Facts website was created in September of 2011.  With impressive growing trend of FB and Twitter followers, Oklahoma Facts has seen much development in less than one year’s time.”
Tim said he got the idea from the popular OMG Facts project, and wanted to do the same thing (on a local scale) for Oklahoma.
So what do I say to that?  Cool!  And, I thought it was so cool I decided to add them to the Red Dirt Chronicles as a partner by building them a page.  You can find it on our front page in the center, and the button to get there looks like this:
It’s white, with the little Oklahoma State logo image.
The Red Dirt Chronicles is basically a cultural “all things Oklahoma” site.  And, we want to partner with projects and people who can help tell the story of Oklahoma in ways that are generally positive, but also – always – as truthful and clear as possible.  And, Tim’s Oklahoma History pieces are an interesting read.
So, I encourage you to visit their site, and also check on their posts or Twitter feeds from time to time, simply by using the tool we’ve built here to take you straight to the source.
I hope this Wednesday brings you peace and good tidings.  I’m trying to calm myself right now because I have a root canal and crown process waiting for me this morning.  I have dentist-phobia.  I really, really hate going.  So – I’m also wishing myself peace and good tidings!
Adios, [kelly]