Metta World Peace, You Just Brought Out My “Mama Bear,” Dude

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To say that I’ve become an Oklahoma City Thunder fan since we got our team four years ago would be an understatement.  I follow the players on Twitter.  I go to the games, listen to them on the radio or watch them on TV.  I coach them from my kitchen while cooking meals.

In other words?  I’ve got Thunder fever and am naming it AND claiming it.  I make no apologies for being grateful for my now hometown NBA team, so yesterday this generally emotionally regulated momma lost it.  During the first half of the OKC Thunder-Lakers game, World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) went up for a basket, came down to celebrate, and in the heat of the moment drew his arm back and knocked James Harden down with what can only be described or construed as a recently discussed bounty hit.

It was mean, it was out of control, and it really hurt Harden.  So much so that although the LA team docs first thought Harden could play in the second half, they later withdrew their decision and Harden saw no more court time for the rest of the game.  Now it appears that he does indeed have a concussion from the blow and may miss more than a few games.

Time will tell.  Time will also tell how the NBA will deal more long term with World Peace’s actions.

But suffice it to say, this momma bear AIN’T happy.  World Peace, you hurt my player.  You were out of control and you hurt another person in an action that was completely avoidable.  You beat on your chest, you argued that it wasn’t your fault, and it was only after the game that you showed some degree of contrition.

I’m mad at you, World Peace.  You need to do better, or you need to stay off the court.






3 thoughts on “Metta World Peace, You Just Brought Out My “Mama Bear,” Dude”

  1. I think everyone that is saying it was an accident is way off track. Watch his actions after the “accident”. After he cold cocked Harden he didn’t even look back to see who he had hit or if he had injured someone. He continued on down the court until he was approached by other team members or officials. Tell me, if you accidently “bump” into something don’t you at least look back to see what or who you “bumped” into. Artest took a deliberate shot at Harden and never looked back. His actions after the hit tell more than what he was doing before the incident. He should get whatever penalty is possible. At that moment he was a vicious brute that took a cheap shot at a member of the opposite team that had been having a pretty good night, until then. He’s a bully and a bum. He tarnishes a sport that is normally built on technique and finesse.

    1. Sam, your logic is correct. If people are aware of things they do, they would naturally turn and look, then react. He did neither – which leads the entire world to think one thing: Intentional. Take care, RDK

  2. Reminds of that old saying “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.” Only in this case it would have to be altered to say “A jerk by any other name would still be a jerk.” Even if Ron Artest does have OK ties, still don’t have any respect for him. That was just totally uncalled for.

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