Our Sister to the South Has the Prettiest Blue in April

The Oklahoma wheat is the deepest, most luscious green I have seen in years.

I met a funny goose in the parking lot yesterday whose sparkling white feathers were glistening in the sun.

In April, a rainbow of colors begins to show across the state. The red, red roses. The sunshine yellow daffodils. The pastel colors of Easter eggs.

But yesterday when my parents sent me this photo of the Texas bluebonnets they were gazing at during their annual southern trip, I had to give one up to the Lone Star state.  Their “Bluebonnet Blue” is heart stopping and worth a trip south in order to soak that color into your brains.

This Good Friday morning, Texas, I’m tipping my hat to you. Long live bluebonnets.  Long live our southern border friendship. And thank you, humongous state, for the beauty you share every year.




5 thoughts on “Our Sister to the South Has the Prettiest Blue in April”

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s true! The bluebonnets are AMAZING…they’ve been popping up by the freeway near our house. Hoping to see more of them this weekend : )

  2. So beautiful! It is like seeing color again for the first time in spring! I like that you met a goose : )

    1. Thanks, Ann – yes, I did indeed. He was extremely curious and kept following me so much I thought, “Hmmm…this could mean a potential bite.” So I got in my car and talked to him through the window. Yes, color is just covering the world right now…love Spring!

  3. Oh, how I miss seeing beautiful flowers and plants! We’ll get ours out on the tundra in a couple months, but they’re vastly different than the tall strong bluebonnets.

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