Monday Morning Differences

This is me, playing with a hulahoop in Walgreens the evening after I finished my last doctoral coursework assignment a couple of weeks ago.

Letter to the RDC Community:

When I started the Red Dirt Chronicles two years ago, I had one primary purpose in mind:  to develop a project that was positive and honest that highlighted snapshots of Oklahoma culture.  Two years later, I think that has been done… to the degree that someone can who has the help and support of very special contributors and about 20 hours per week to donate to a project.

That same 20 hours per week was dedicated for five years prior to the start of the RDC in a different way. I worked with the Oklahoma Association for Marriage and Family Therapy in the capacity of President Elect and President, helping to run the volunteer organization and promote the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy within the state and the nation through advocacy.

Now, however, I’m going to be working on a different project very soon that will again take about 20 hours per week, and as the title of the Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson film says, “Something’s Gotta Give.”  I’ve completed my doctoral coursework required for my particular degree program over the past four years and it is now time to begin my dissertation.  And while working on coursework can be a bear, it’s also cyclical.  It ebbs and flows along with the required reading and assignments.  My upcoming dissertation work, however, will not.  It will be a slow and steady work until the final page is written.  And, will take approximately…?  You guessed it: 20 hours per week.

I cannot create time that doesn’t exist any more than I can ask reality to change into fiction for my life.  After thinking over solutions for approximately two months prior to today, I’ve decided that if I’m going to complete my academic and professional goal of writing my dissertation, then I cannot continue to manage the RDC.  The reason I know this is that if there is an academic deadline and a RDC deadline, I’ll choose the RDC every single time.  I love it too much and I care about the RDC community too much.  And what THAT means is, my work on this project could keep me from completing my dissertation work.  It’s that simple…and I know myself too well to think that I would do things differently.  I’m 48 so I’ve had a while to get to know myself.  I love to work on this project, and would choose it almost every time – pushing back my dissertation and slowing down that work until I timed out all my extensions.

Therefore, I’m writing this post to let you know that very soon we may be having a “difference” here on the RDC.  I’m not sure what that will be – it could be that someone else will take it over.  It could be that I will “suspend” it for a while.  Or, it could be that posts will slow down or it will become a single contributor project.  But “something will give” and it will happen soon.  And, we’ll let you know as soon as we know what that will be.





4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Differences”

  1. Please don’t suspend it, just let the rest of us carry the big load for you while you “dissert” us to your “tations for Doctoring”. And Jill said it best – You must do what is best for you, just know the rest of us are here to carry you along.

    1. Dearest Sara – you are such an inspirational person. Bless you for giving me that option. I’ll send a message to all our contributors and talk about how we might figure this out! ~ RDK

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