On the Horizon: Home in the Heartland

I work with a lot of soon to be college graduates, so I often find myself dispensing a fair amount of advice; none of it sage, but most of it time proven. One thing I find myself telling these students as they are about to embark on the great adventure of life is this: A lot of places can be home.

Here in Oklahoma we live in a culture that puts a lot of value on land; having our own spread, broken fence and all. Which may be the reason we are a little late in the urban living game.

It is remarkable the renaissance downtown Oklahoma City has experienced in the last decade. A place that was a virtual ghost town after 5 p.m. in the early 90’s is bustling these days 24/7; restaurants, movie theaters, sports teams, and a growing number of residences. People who are trading in their wide open spaces for an apartment up in the sky. In this week’s video blog, I look at the trend of urban living in OKC and see how an eclectic group of Oklahomans are turning a business district into a mixed use neighborhood. Hope to see you this Sunday at 3pm on OETA when we examine where we live and why.
Rob McClendon