Christmas Music To My Tastebuds: “Woody Candy Co. Is OPEN”

This sign has magical powers. It makes my taste buds sing Christmas tunes.

Note – we published this post on Dec. 11 last year.  I believe it’s so important that I’m re-publishing it this year…11 days earlier! ~ RDK  This little neon sign holds a special power over me every year. The moment the “on” switch is finally flipped by a mysterious candy maker, an invisible beacon begins to sound across the prairie…over the north side of OKC and across Edmond…until it reaches my taste buds. It’s like Christmas Music, only in my mouth! What is so powerful, so unique and so delicious as to send me swooning around this time of year? It’s Woody Candy Company (Oklahoma’s Oldest & Finest Family Owned Candy Company), going strong since 1927. Their full array of special candy recipes are offered every year to the public ~ from Thanksgiving weekend through Valentine’s Day. After that? Closed again…until the next year.

Find where the origin of the powerful beacon at 922 N.W. 70th, Oklahoma City, OK.

Claude and Lucille Woody set out 93 years ago to do one thing very well: “To make the best candy in the world.”  In MY world, there is no doubt that they succeeded.  I personally think there must be something very special about the name Lucille. I may have to change my super-hero persona to a cowgirl who rides horses, shoots targets with precision accuracy AND makes “the best candy in the world!”

I want to take you there, but I can’t take all of you. There’s not enough room in my car.  So instead, I will take you there with a few photos I “shot” today with my six-shooter (my Canon PowerShot SD970IS).  I hope you can go on your own.  And if you do, tell them Red Dirt Kelly sent you.  This message will confuse them since they have no idea who I am.  But it will be fun for me!  I’ve gone to this store for eight years in a row.  I was introduced to this magical place by my friend Joanne, and now I’m introducing you in case you don’t know about this special secret.

And one more thing…comment on this blog, and I will enter you into a drawing (to be given away next Friday) for your choice of either: 1) A box of Toffle; 2) A box of their version of what you know as Aunt Bill’s candy; or, 3) A box of their delectable “Turtle” candies – caramel, chocolate and Oklahoma pecans. The average price ranges from $15 to $30 per box.  If you’ve never had Toffle, you might not understand what it’s like to have a glimpse of heaven on earth.  Toffee, sweet, salty, crunchy with HUGE pecans…it’s a dream…

Guess what? They let you TASTE the candy to help you decide which variety to buy!

So, which do you want – number one, two or three?  Let me know…and maybe you’ll be our lucky winner.  By the way, I bought TWO boxes of Toffle, and one of the other two varieties I mentioned.  Do you know what I’m going to do with the other three boxes?  I’ll give you a hint – – my taste buds will be singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” or any of my other favorite Christmas tunes until the very last crumb has disappeared.  I’m not leaving one drop to go to waste – not even for a Christmas mouse!

This post is filed under “Favorite Things” because – – Woody Candy Company is definitely one of Kelly’s favorite things.

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  2. As a native Oklahoman (fifth generation), I am very sorry to say that I never heard of the Woody Candy Company until this Christmas when some dear friends of ours gave us the gift of Woody Candy’s English Toffee and Lemon Ice. One bite of the toffee and I was instantly addicted to it. (I’m almost afraid to try the Lemon Ice!) Needless to say, the toffee is all gone…now I just need to order up some more. Thank you for this most informative post, and I hope you are enjoying the New Year!

    1. Cynthia – so glad you found our post heralding the Woody Candy treats! Nice to know there are other fifth generation Oklahomans around. All the best to you as you crack into the Lemon Ice. Hint for next year…”Aunt Bill’s.” However, the Toffle could sustain me through many a trial! ~ Red Dirt Kelly

      1. Thanks for the hint! I opened the Lemon Ice after I wrote my post to you…YUM! I look forward to “Aunt Bill’s.” What a treat Woody’s is, in every sense of the word…discoveries like this are rare. (I speak as a lifelong devotee of Kaiser’s Ice Cream, which I miss with all my heart.) Great site you have here–keep up the good work! ~Cynthia

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