Hubby Walks


“See that cracked asphalt?”

“Yeah. The road’s starting to break down, isn’t it?”

“Well, maybe. But I was just thinking it looks like my facial skin feels after I get out of a hot shower in the morning.”

“Oh. And it also looks like my lips when they get chapped.”

Mick and I were walking and when it’s just you, a country road and 1.5 hours of time together, these are the kinds of conversations that happen.

For the past two days, we’ve walked 4.5 and 4.0 miles respectively. Our paths have been different four square mile routes and we’re discovering quite a bit of brand new information about the area in which we’ve lived for the past eight years. For example, someone close to us sells goats. That was brand new information.


There is a “Two Bears Creek” on Coffee Creek Road and the owners of the land adjacent to the creek put two baby ceramic bears out by the road, in case anyone needed a smile.

We identified at least three different kinds of animal poo, decided the neighborhood association needs to sponsor a “trash pick up day,” saw some rats, took a peek at the police firearm training facility, checked out some Angus cattle, found a perfectly good sun protector (those kind that fold out and keep your car from turning into a convection oven during the summer), and yelled at a couple of bluejays.

One other thing…I think I asked to stop at least twenty times because for the past two days the sunsets have been amazingly, outrageously, incredibly, georgeously lovely…


IMG_0176IMG_0174IMG_017720121202_173347IMG_0175photoI think they speak for themselves.

And, they made me…speechless.