EPOTM: Good News, Bad News, Medium News, and Newsy-News


Happy news: we’re 78% of our goal. Scary news: we have 4.5 days left in our campaign! (CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE yo dollahs!)

Medium news: our meeting with KOSU was cancelled by the weather.  Good news: it was rescheduled for this week!

Cool news: we were sent a suggestion to use a new software available to the public called “MapJam.”  No-so-good-news: it didn’t quite have the capacity we needed to manage our whole project.

REALLY GOOD NEWS?  The CEO of the company is calling me tomorrow, wants to partner with our project, and thinks we can work our the kinks in order to add all the sub pins (little posts for each spot we visit) we need, as well as attach all the media we are using.

And THAT, our dear readers, is the end of this update.

Have a good one…and please share our info with your friends who might be interested!

Love, Kisses, and Happy Travels – [kelly] & Rachel

P.S.  The “Oklahoma” photo above is a small section of the new TravelOK 2014 guide.  Beautiful, eh?