EPTOM: Not-So-Slow and Steady Gets the Job Done

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I just checked our Kickstarter crowd funding site for “Every Point on the Map” (EPOM).  When I look at the Dashboard information I feel mixtures of fear, hope, anticipation, motivation…and then a wave of calm washes over me.  I let those feelings go and my tense spine relaxes.

“It’s fine,” I tell myself.  “We were going do this whether we get the money or not.”  I lean the top half of my body from an upright position toward the back of my chair.  “Now, what else can I do to drum up support?”  And then I begin thinking.

We have conducted a small TV appearance.  We have set up a meeting with an associate producer at KOSU who is interested in some audio pieces from our work.  We’re working with Oklahoma Horizon TV who has offered training and technical assistant to help capture good quality video for future feature work.  And, long-term I’m going to investigate turning EPOTM into a non-profit entity so I can apply for grants.

So, what about right now?  Well, I know from studying the topics I have that most of the projects supported, or events attended, or products purchased are due to “word of mouth.”

So, since you have a mouth, please share the good “word” about Every Point on the Map.  Seven-hundred dollars worth of good words, and we’ll be on our way!

[kelly] & Rachel J. Apple