My Little Victory Garden: Lessons We Teach Our Plants

Concord grape vine, April 8, 2016. Red Dirt Kelly’s homestead.

Over half my vine’s branches were hewn and burned this past February.

“Give up the weight, dear vine, so you can focus your energies upon doing a smaller job very well.”  My enlivened whispers continued as I ripped a full nine feet of harsh, brown-dry entanglements from the left side. Then again on the right.

Oh, how I might grow if only the lessons I impart upon my plants were turned ’round to myself.



One thought on “My Little Victory Garden: Lessons We Teach Our Plants”

  1. I really looked forward to reading a dissertation, after tasting this idea first on your Instgram. But I forgot you are honing your brevity tools. And yet I am delighted at how powerful these few sentences are. Poetic, moving, important message. My comment is officially longer than your blog post, haha. I have work to do. Love to you K.

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